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Not really a 'tip', but a nod to obsessiveness

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FINALLY got around to transferring all of my inks to dropper bottles, and I've got a little warm spot inside my heart. No more old citadel pots with crusty lids, no more mismatched rows of paint, no more reaching to two places for my inks. Everything fits snugly in it's place. The OCD in me is defeated, and retreats to it's lair to slumber until another day!


Super happy. Highly recommended...


IMG_0130.thumb.jpg.a3fde8b2feef40315c5d3130f3f47df4.jpg IMG_0129.thumb.jpg.77b1f0c9597e8a27051763f4dff0d022.jpg


In all seriousness, moving the paint over to a standard bottle type is a JOY to work with. All the inks behave the same, now. No change in paradigm from one bottle to the next. I don't know about you, but I tend to zone out when I'm on a roll with some painting, and the switch from dropper bottle to pot messed with my zen :)


If you have the means, I highly recommend it! (And the reaper bottles are very easy to transfer to!) I used a small funnel to move them over, and only a few of my older bottles had some pigment sludge in the bottom.

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Organized paint station is a productive paint station.  I'm envious of all that flat space.  I also battle with the DR inks, the acrylics in tubes, and the oil paints.  The way you have it now makes for easy delivery and paint consistency.  Well done! 

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