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Viking Girl, 02939

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Little thing I'm working on at the moment. These pics are chiefly to help me keep light in the right places.





A little bit of blocking in later.

Mostly blocked in.jpg

Shield blocked in.jpg

Shield blocked in, rear.jpg

Shading blocked in on the flesh, leaving her to look like a clown.

Clown mode.jpg

Clown mode, a little smoothing.jpg

Flesh about done, the hair is about finished. I need to go through and do things like lips and eyebrows, maybe some freckles or something.

Flesh shaded.jpg

Flesh done 1.jpg

Hair finished.jpg

From here the plan is to do some red Celtic knots on the cloth bits, give her green jewels and whatnot. The fur needs a lot of work, I've been looking at bison fur and there is a lot going on there.

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Outlines for the knot work are finished. It looks a little sloppy, though, and will need some clean up. Next step is the actual red knot work. The black outline should help that pop and not be lost in the cloth.


I figure if I do it this way I can get the gaps in the knots without having to lose sleep getting the overall shape right.



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