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03431 frost giant princess - sculpt & paint D. Schubert


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Looks awesome for a speed paint......Just kidding. It turned out gorgeous. Definitely one to be proud of.


I am feeling a tad shamed in my slow painting though. I guess I should get back to that GW Ogre I started when I got married....in 2010....

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Thanks, folks!  Glad you enjoyed seeing the result and reading about the process.


@Darcstaar : Blue and purple were the main colors, with small stretches around the color wheel from purple to red, and from blue to green.  I used some red glazes on the ends of her hair to make it more lively (and subtly menacing), and on the blade of the spear to simulate blood that had frozen in the cracks.  I also spent a fair bit of time managing the value and saturation of all the neutrals (the browns and grays and off-whites) to keep them distinct from one another but not command too much attention, and painting subtle blues and purples to keep them from looking dull.


@KruleBear and @Samedi : Yes, it's not too late to finish that Ogre and Barros on your shelves!


@SamuraiJack : She's a nice paperweight in metal, with sharp detail.  She got translated into Bones later.  She doesn't have any base (integral or tab) so I made a handle by setting 2 brass rods and clamping them into my sculpting block, as you can see in the WIP shots.  She must be a lot lighter and easier to hold in Bones, but I don't know how well the details held up.



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Besides just being a beautiful miniature and beautifully painted, it's very nice to see the actual sculptor paint his own creation to see how he envisions the figure.   I have the figure since years ago, but have never dared paint it, partially for that reason that I could never figure out, is it a mask or a face?  This definitely clears things up quite nicely!

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@72moonglum :  Thanks!  I like to paint my sculpts, but I also enjoy seeing other painters use colors that I never imagined for my sculpts.  You can paint her bare-faced or masked, as you prefer.  If you want the mask to leave her chin exposed, you could build out a bottom edge with a thin strip of putty (blended into the upper face), or just fake the edge with paint.


@Loim : I hope you get to see her in person at a future ReaperCon!



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      Well either she is a giant or she is carrying a collection of children's skulls.  Painted for a Trio with @Pochi and @Kuroneko The base seemed to take forever, the first one I have put on a slant, previously I built up a hill rather than tilting the base, and using park ledges for a horizontal plane. The tree is made from twigs and flocking.   One of these days ill figure out trees.    the painted backdrop  is a Bob Ross inspired mountain on canvas that I did last year. They work pretty well together but not enough for me to  tie in the colors of the grass and match the tree more carefully.  Next time I do this with a landscape I will choose one that is less busy, or at least focuses the eye toward the mini.     

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      Always really loved this model this is my second go at it. Thought I would try something different with the clothes most of the painted ones I've seen are very brown.
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      One of the newer minis from Dark Sword Miniatures. I saw this at the beginning of December and immediately thought of my best friend. As it took me until just this past week to finally find time to paint her, and my BFF lives in London, it's a much belated Christmas present. But worth the wait, I think.

      She has a little friend hiding in the flora too.
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      For a recent game I was able to finish these two pieces, Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess and Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl. I was going for a whiter skin on the giants. I tried it on Boerogg, but it did not work out like I wanted so I left Svetlana the way she was. 


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      So I was really proud of this guy, am planning on submitting this for the inspiration Gallery
      I think it was new for bones 3, so this may be one of the first painted. 
      Oh there is a metal version - sculpted and painted by DKS. 
      aw man.... I need to fix some stuff. 
      Also when I first based it the leaves were too bright and stole attention.  (also a criticism  of my Reapercon entry)  So I tried adding some dull brown paint to tone it down.
      I think it worked and may go back and do the same to Treetop Pheonix. 

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