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If i ever saw that thing coming out of my orange juice, I'd probably s my pants standing.  Now, if i saw that in my tequila...meh. I'd have to say then it looks about normal.  Pour me a shot!


Great work on the colors.  Fun to look at. Gross to look at too. 

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The base was a partial accident.  I used elmers glue to attach it while I was painting. I save these OJ lids for painting grip/bases.  

but the Non-GMO label was too funny, and so now I'm leaving him there. 


What do you think the ** on the label means?  I  read it as Non Gentically Modified Organism,  technically,  but .... 


9 hours ago, R2ED said:

If i ever saw that thing coming out of my orange juice, I'd probably s my pants standing.  Now, if i saw that in my tequila...meh. I'd have to say then it looks about normal.  Pour me a shot!



If I saw this in my tequila I would be very concerned about the other half the worm 

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8 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

I think the ** usually says somewhere else on the main label which company has fact checked the OJ company’s claim of non-GMO.


I was thinking of more fun options like 

** currently under a Giant Vermin Spell 

** native to the 213th layer of the Abyss. 

** transformation magics are not passed on genetically. 

** we tried but it changed them back. 


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Everything i see this sculpt, the first thing that comes to me is "yuk yuk, duuuh gooosh." (Spoken like Goofy). That being said great colors. Awesome work!



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    • By Kuroneko
      Well, it's the second month of the Reaper Challenge League and its time to post my February co-op entries. A massive 'thank you' to all my partners and please feel free to post your pictures in this thread.
      First up is this handsome fellow, the Carrion Worm 77541. My partners with this mini were @Evilhalfling and @Pochi. I may have gone a little bit overboard with the goo, but it must be hard to use a toothbrush with those tiny little hands!

      Second up is my entry with @Humansquish, Treasure Rocky 77918. I absolutely adore this little guy and I'm definitely going to use him as an opponent against my players when our lockdown finally ends.

      Last but definitely not least is my Elf Cleric 77441, which is part of my Trio with @Thoramel and @ManvsMini, Our theme was "Disney Villans" and I decided to make things easy for myself by picking Ursula, the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. I take roughly 20% of the credit for the tentacles, the rest belongs to my Tentacle Maker from Greenstuff World. My housemate has already called 'dibs' on this mini for use as a Big Bad in their first game post lockdown

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      This is as much an attempt at learning more about my airbrush as it is about painting a Carrion Worm mini.
      This mini has been painted using almost solely the Liquitex Inks (so far).
      Primed and than hit with a couple of coats of a dark green.

      Then I pulled out some brighter colors.

      Zenithal spray of just the brighter green.

      Switched to a brush and started to add some white to the green. 

      Finished that and then went another round of highlights to bump it even brighter.

      Added some white to the eyes (not sure if I will keep them as is or try a purple instead). Also picked out the teeth with white, but was really just messing around since I will be in the way of this for the mouth and gums.

      What do you think overall of the roughed in color scheme?
      Colors so far:

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      Here is another semi WIP thread for another Bones 3 model. My youngest son had painted him in a nice coat of ultramarine blue and had left him. I then have the fun task of finishing it  off to some reasonable level. 
      So so after a couple of coats green and some dry brushing I got to this stage. 

      I am actually really happy how this turned out. I am not sure I would have attempted the blue under the green, but it seems to work well. Anyway onto the base, didn't realise how much detail it had.  
      As always comments welcome. 
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        After seeing some of these painted with teeth, I decided to try a tentacled approach...

      click pic for full size...
      Thanks for looking,
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      The next set out of Bones 3, various monsters!

      The Carrion Worm really grew on me!

      The Temple Dragon is really cool.  I hadn't even realized until I was inking it that the base was a statue of a robed woman:


      The Manticore, who I was specifically hoping for before they announced it during the campaign.  It's a classic monster I didn't have a mini of!

      Lastly, the Giant Cobra.  Kind of rushed this one along...he also appears to hide from the camera focus.

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