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D&D Nolzur's MM: Iron Golem [WZK73842]

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17 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Love it!

Great rust effect!


Thanks! For anyone interested, I used Army Painter Effects: Dry Rust. I started with a light dry brush and then added more in areas of heavy rust. I don't know if it has something in it that effects the paint underneath, but up close you can see that it even has a slight texture like metal rusting. Now that i know how the stuff works I'll definitely be using it more.

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4 hours ago, Samedi said:

Also, the base looks very realistic! I like the effect you achieved with the grass!


Thanks! I've been experimenting with different ground and grass blends lately and I think I've finally found one that's pretty spot on. The dirt is a custom blend of Super fine, fine, and medium basing grit from Gale Force Nine with some Army Painter: Brown Battleground thrown in for added texture/color. The grass is a mix of Marsh Blend and Dark Conifer flock from Gale Force Nine and Army Painter: Green Grass, Field Grass and Steppe Grass. The Flock is what makes it sort of stand up as unlike the grass it has some body to it.

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