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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Small Box Group 6


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So close to finishing off Season 2!  This is the final batch of individually packaged minis, including a few alternate versions of characters and somebody who's Nobody.  


Nobody.  What is the difference between a villain and a super villain?  Presentation!  Nobody lacks that presentation.  Though I guess if your angle is an invisibility suit, you don't want to be flashy.

87174492_2021-02-1509_44_52.thumb.jpg.8169d03d5a88add2e40bf0922a4087cf.jpg 1659330691_2021-02-1509_45_02.thumb.jpg.0398f2251a1f9a8af1750cf73173560b.jpg



Catwoman (from Hush, I think).  This is the third version of her, but the only version that can play for the bad guys.  

226998904_2021-02-1509_45_18.thumb.jpg.775e658807f8e093feb491bbc5bfecc9.jpg 636772370_2021-02-1509_45_28.thumb.jpg.2b662d8848d7744bc1bab00cb5375eba.jpg 299413484_2021-02-1509_45_37.thumb.jpg.1266ab2dc44c6b2b7cc6054a33ffc0f1.jpg 1028194007_2021-02-1509_45_45.thumb.jpg.ed2bb8c22eecd69b27f59b3e3046fab4.jpg


Mr. Freeze, my favorite Bat villain.  This time with a helmet, which is both cool and annoying at the same time.  

1629152712_2021-02-1509_45_58.thumb.jpg.50096c2a384c38c67a77cabddec361cc.jpg 514780337_2021-02-1509_46_21.thumb.jpg.133d080eef088534fc7893d47783502b.jpg 460213937_2021-02-1509_46_38.thumb.jpg.52f8181716d2d10ea8a20975d92b9e8f.jpg



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