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Trying something a little different this time.  I've got a friend who loves JRR Tolkein and I thought he'd really appreciate a little diorama.  Since I have to ship this, I need it small and durable.  


Now, I get it that Bilbo's sword Sting glows bright when Goblins are near, but let's just say for this story it's glowing because danger is close.  I have him in the stone henge area with a Wraith King coming around the bend.  Let's just say this is about to get real...


Starting this on some foam board.  I was going to use some chip board, but didn't want the glue and stuff I'd be using for the base to get soaked in and bend.  


Using the extruded foam core for the stones.  Carving them down was pretty fun.  I'm thinking I might add some runes or something into them.  I haven't primed them yet, so I still have time.  


The ground terrain is kind of fun - I used spackle, glue, sand, and some burnt umber paint.  I'll do some grass and floral additions to it. You can see on one of the pillars that I used a different mix to surround the stone.  That was the filler without the paint added.  


For the circles, I'll be leaving those open to put the minis into and can be taken out on their own.  I'll be basing them to match the surrounding area, but Iike the idea of taking them out of the diorama when wanted.


Open for any and all suggestions here.  We're still far from done.  






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    • By R2ED
      Tried to keep this in very, very simple colors.  I think he came out okay.  Sometimes simple is good, right?
      Battle Report!

      * Cape and layers came out well.
      *  Staff shading was good.
      * metal highlights worked out well.  Used an ink wask to fill in the deeper areas and shade and edge highlighted.
      *  brightened the scale mail in the front which I think added a cool effect.
      * The staff and bones didn't differentiate enough.  I tried doing a dry brush that failed pretty bad.  Then went back and just did similar tones.
      *  I wanted to have more color in the body, but didn't see how to do it without pulling away from the grimdark look.  Open to suggestions you may have.
      *  Also could have differed the band colors on the staff a bit more.
      Open to feedback on this one.  
      I also need some good basing ideas.
    • By Adrift
      Reaper mummy I wanted to theme as an ice mummy. 
      Wizkids beholder zombie. 
      Reaper wraith from Bones 4 that shall be known as “The Red Wraith” in my dnd game as a recurring villain. 

    • By angelGPD
      Hi i just want to introduce you Marise Greyshroud Wraith Queen.

    • By R2ED
      Someone say painting weekend?
      Got another one in, but sadly it's not one of the Reapers.  I purchased a cool, little Hobbit a few weeks back and the printer sent me this one that was a bad mold, but I ended up making something out of it.  What looks wrong with it you ask?  Well, for one, the details got a little sloppy.  The barrel he's on got halved in printing, his face looks like he's a stroke survivor - his left side of his face is sloped big time. I tried correcting it in the painting, but it's pretty noticiable.  There's some big gaps between the hobbit and the barrel.  Oh well - it made for a good color study.
      I stuck to Orange Brown, Chocolate Brown, Light Sand, Yellow, GW Nuln Oil, GW Agrax Earthshade, Stone Grey, Fair Skin, Fair Shadow, Flat Brown.  If it's not clear already - the goal was browns.
      * I think the shirt in that orange/cream cuffs came out pretty decent.  Went over it with a wash and brought more depth to the lines with brown diluted.  Win.
      *  Face was a mess, but considering how sloped it was, I think it wasn't too bad.
      *  Mug foam isn't terrible.  Isn't great, but first time doing foam.
      *  Barrel colors look dark and separated from the other tones.
      * Eyes on this one were such a pain!  Big miss.
      *  Lips look like he's about dead with how much he's drunk.  I couldn't go in to give them a more natural color after a few tries I just gave in because the paint was layering up and was going to distort the look further.
      *  Mug wasn't my favorite.  I got into it a bit, but lost the momentum to finish the rings around the mug.  It also hit me after I was cleaning up that this was a tankard with a top with foam flowing out, not just a foam overflow.  May need to go back to fix that.  Boo.
      *  Hair was better than I have done on some of the others.  I made it with a 3 color setup, but it still looks...washed out.  At least it has depth and better than before, but still hate doing hair.
      Without further excuses - here's Pippin sippin' and slippin with his foamy mug drippin.  
      Always good for feedback if you've got any to give.

    • By R2ED
      I need some help people.  I've got a hobbit down to the last 25% to get the painting done.  
      I need to try my hand at nmm and this is the one.  Sting is a magnificent sword that glows blue when goblins are near.  I need some guidance on how to make this happen. 
      Give me some inspiration, folks. 

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