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On 2/20/2021 at 8:11 AM, JoeGKushner said:
On 2/19/2021 at 7:37 PM, haldir said:


syringes: These are great for sloshing in Denatured Alcohol when hollowing a print.

(I need to make a LED light to stick inside to cure the pieces)


Okay, that's a great idea. I'd never considered it before. Mind you I dont hollow a lot but great idea. THumbs up. 

I was introduced to the beauty of blunt tip lab syringes years ago for refilling fountain pen cartridges for pens that don't have converters or internal fillers.  I have found they're also excellent for helping clean out an airbrush between colors and all sorts of odd other little cleaning jobs. 


As for what I use - Anycubic photon, but i use the elegoo screens because they're generally cheaper and it's the same dang screen.  I have used several different FEP films, currently I have an epax nFEP on there and it seems to be working well.  For rinse I'm coming to the end of a huge backstock of ipa I bought in december of 2019 before the stuff got hard to get.  I use two tanks, berry keepers from the container store with the vents caulked shut, that gave me two nice wide shallow baskets to fetch things out.  I use a wide chisel shaped exacto blade for releasing prints from the plate and a PETG scraper I printed for cleaning the film.  I have a large silicone funnel I drop my paint filters into when straining my resin, and the whole setup is on top of a silicone pet food tray to keep spills contained.  

For resins I've used and been satisfied with Elgoo and Anycubic resins, though my go-to is Siraya Fast (grey or Green, both are excellent.  I think green grabs a teensy bit more detail but Grey is easier to see and clean before priming.)
Just beside it I have my ender 3 pro, I've switched to the glass bed and upgraded the cooling to the HeroMe gen 5 blower with a single 5015 fan for cooling for now works well for me.  I've upgraded it to the silent mainboard, all metal extruder, installed a printed set of drawers and put a back on the control panel.  Add a little aqua net and i'm all set there too.  For filament I'm using mostly Hatchbox or Overture, or Matterhackers MHBuild.


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