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Due to Brain Weasels and other Real Life Issues, I haven't been doing much, really almost no, fantasy painting...

One of the things I have been doing is looking at old WIPs, and suddenly the desire to paint a DRAGON, came over me....


So here is the start of my new work on Cinder, #10014, in METAL...


Hopefully, I can keep up the sudden burst of enthusiasm....


So planning on mold line hunting, and trying to decide what color to paint this dragon...

As I am old school, the webbing between the back spines is leading me to green, but need to check the books to see which way to go....


About time you returned from the place I couldn't reach you minion......


OMG, please not again....


any and all comments gratefully ignored....


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34 minutes ago, knarthex said:

any and all comments gratefully ignored....


Ahhh, someone finally recognizes my genius!




I'm glad you've got another project going!

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So, some work was done...

After searching for, and eradicating where found, any mold lines, some basic assembly was done.

The Tail and right leg were attached, and a first go at gap filling was done...



the head was attached with green stuff, and the putty pushed into place as well...


Holes were drilled in the base and legs for paper clip pins, after marking the lines for the proper angles.


The wings, which are molded flat, were bent over a fire extinguisher to make them look more natural. This is the same thing I did with Takhisis a while ago..


those are 2 of the bases I used for Takhisis and Nathavaar for those that remember those wips...

So now I am in a bit of a quandary...

do I attach the arms and putty, or do them separately and putty later...

anyone that has done this figure have an opinion?

All comments looked at!


Cinder work 008.JPG


just a thought...

Cinder is too RED dragon....

anyone out there have a good idea for a Green dragon name???


If anyone says "Mulch" they will know unendurable torment....


anyone else want to take over being a paint minion????

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On 2/21/2021 at 7:17 PM, knarthex said:

have a good idea for a Green dragon name?


Vyrminemus Venemun




That is ersatz, faux, Latin for Poison Woodland-Wyrm. Sorta like Vermithrax Pejorative, but different.


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