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Paint tray for Vallejo paints

The Shine

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This paint rack is a very good idea. Works well for the vallejo bottles.


Funnily enough I was just looking at a very similar one on Mayne Thieles site, (http://www.dragon-miniatures.com ). Good minds think alike !


I'll definitely have to give making one of these a go when I get round to getting new paints.

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"Shine, that's a nifty PAINT rack there..."


Sheesh, most of us ARE older than 15, right? ::D:

Yes but too many of us were raised with the Beavis and Butthead television show..


I'll be honest...i giggled too when I read your first post...but I'm sick.


The doctors say the shock therapy is working a little though...

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that be (OWWWWWWWWWWWWW, left arm PAIN!!! must type one handed now, hurt it at work last night), anyways that be a true saying, Qwyk!!!


nice rack, I need something for my Vallejos as well, my Painter80s are nice but they are a tad bit bulky. Good for my Reaper bottles thou.


Randy M

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Organised paint racks.... Drops of paints on lids.....


You guys are far too organised !!! You haven't obviously enjoyed the good old game of Paint Pot Russian Roulette


As you can guess, this involves putting all your paints in a cardboard box, and just picking out one and painting it on to your model. ( Right, I need a nice Blue for her... * rustling sound from box* wait a minute why didn't I think of magenta before !! )


That's my excuse for my paint jobs anyway, and I'm sticking to it !! :lol:


Coming next..... Flip Flop Paint Pot Crazy Search. When you know what colour you want, but it's in there ..... somewhere !

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