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Jana Blackfire, 03006

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This little lady is a Sandra Garrity sculpt. I always liked her stuff because her designs always seemed to make a fair bit of sense. Jana here is wearing armor over most of the important bits (minis are always allergic to helmets, so I'll forgive that). The shoulders are a bit large, but they look cool, so we'll roll with that.


I'm basing this off of Laurana from the painting "Death of Sturm". I'm not sold yet on the gold in her pants, but i assume that once shaded, and once the hair begins to look blond, they'll fit in the overall scheme a bit better. I'm also planning to shade her face in darker gold tones, so the whole thing should tie together (worst case scenario, I'm out $7 and learned a few things. I'll live).


Still trying to work out this whole NMM thing, though, so this piece is a little scarier than my Viking Girl. If I'd screwed up the sword there there was enough left that worked to still let her look good. Jana is defined by her armor, though, so we'll see how that works out.


Next step is to block in some shadows. Thrill as I make her look terrible and clown-like. Be astonished as I work that in to look a little more human. :poke:







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Getting some hair done. I'm glad I kept the faith, as the pants seem to work a bit better now. There is more to do to make the hair look better, but having a golden head really does tie it together.


I've also blocked in some shading on her face. Chestnut gold, since it seemed to fit the sample art. I'm low on that stuff, and it looks like it was discontinued, so EvilBay ho!






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I haven't had much of a chance to paint these past few days. Tonight was trivia night and my job has kept me busy (note to self: be born in to a family of the idle rich next time). I figured what time I had would be best served on some smaller bits that I could blend in a hurry. So, the eyes and and a bit of work on the shield.


Planning to do the device in white, but I'm painting it dark to start with so that there is some lining when I'm done. Crossing my fingers that that will work out as intended.






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Fiddled with the hair a bit, adding some clear yellow for warmth and then reworking the highlights. Looks a little less like frosted tips.


The face needs to be reworked, too. Simply not working. Not coming together as smoothly as my last piece, but I'll get there.


I need to give some thought to how to attack the cloak, here. I'll take some guidance from Married With Children. Kelly was getting in to fashion design. She put Bud in a renaissance style hat and ruff, figuring that anything that drew attention away from the face was all to the good. :poke:



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