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Talae's Resin Printing Journey

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Done with this one...I think  

Another mini successfully printed. Third time was the charm...well not for the base.  

Some more work on him. Only the wings and base left to do.  

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30 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great model!

I like the blue!

Did you need to alter settings for it?

I probably should have but I was bad and didnt even print a town. I just started with the merrow model and it seemed to work even better than the other resin so I havent messed with it.

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This one was a battle. After trial and error it turns out I had a small hole in the FEP. Cleaning everything and replacing the FEP made the fourth print the lucky one.




I'll get a better pic after it is cured (this was just after the wash).

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Great prints.

Antimatter Games, I have one of those sharks printed in FDM, bought it from the KS before I owned a printer.

It looks way better in resin.

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I have been working through painting my Coatl from Antimatter Games. Not sure if that belongs here or the painting WIP section...





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