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Does anyone know if the two victim sculpts in the tree of despair set will (or are) ever going to be available separate from the set? I need a couple dozen. Thought about creating my own but id rather spend my money here first if possible. Alternatively is anyone aware of a reaper figure i could use as a substitute? Thank you all for any help.

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I've been wondering this too. Most of the alternatives are totally NSFW, bordering on BDSM in my opinion. Brother Vinni has these kind of sculpts, if that's okay with you and your group. A gentler alternative can be found at Otherworld Miniatures under NPCs. Look for the captive princess. Reaper also has the naked woman on a spit over a fire as a metal model. 

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The altar of evil (2580) has a prone female victim that is a separate piece. The metal version of Cultists (3312) has a bound male victim. It's not cost efficient to buy the sets in multiples, though. 


If you only need bloody victims, you could take the Bones zombies (77053, 77014, 77342) and use those. It would be a little work to cut and reposition arms if you needed a certain pose.  But they are cheap and easy to work with. 



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Something I would suggest at the risk of committing blasphemy, is getting some small plastic crucifixes. If you are trying to create a Sparticus like terrain piece this might be the easiest way to go. Last year I had been looking for a statue of a nun for the Burning Light campaign and couldn't find one. I had even tried to find a fancy artistic one in 54mm. Then I remembered seeing small ornaments of saints. So I googled something like "saint ornament lady" and eventually came across a two and a half inch figurine of a saint that was a nun, habit and all. It was made of partially  translucent plastic. I easily painted it up like a statue



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The Mantic Kings of War Giant figure comes with an optional human that could be hung from his belt, etc. From the positioning of his arms and hair, pretty sure he is supposed to hang upside down. 

Obviously not cost effective to buy tons of that set, but if you contacted Kings of War players (maybe there’s a message board for it run by Mantic?) you might be able to buy spare bits from others who didn’t use them on their models. 

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If you have access to a 3D printer:


Printed Obsession



Have victims/body parts etc.

I have printed some of it for my Vampire Hunters.


These are from printed Obsession

They are separate bodies so you can attach them to anything you want like I did with the body hanging from the steamwagon.



These are from Printyourmonsters part of their welcome pack as a Patreon


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