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Aard Paints: 'Dire' Rats! (02889)

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AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa I love rats. They're adorable. And they're a great enemy for low-level characters, although they quickly get outpaced by the PCs - a smallish first or second level party might struggle, but after that... less so. Still - rats do have a place in my heart as a monster - and as familiars for both PCs and NPCs!


The thing is... you need a lot of rats. Lots and lots. Which is why (like everything else I've worked on this week, say it with me:) I've been putting this off since Reapercon, meaning to get to it.


For this project, I decided I wanted to paint a lot of patterns of fancy rat, rather than just doing them all brown, grey or white. This was for a couple reasons! One - it means that any PCs with rat familiars get a choice, but two, and more importantly - this may not be enough ratte. I have a sneaking suspicion that, like the twig blights, I'm going to wind up wanting like 20 of these... And if I pick those up in a year or more, I don't want to have to worry about making them match. A nice blend of colors and patterns means that I can do whatever on the future set and they'll come out looking fine!


So... How many rat colors are there? Lots:

Popular rat colors

(by Marmotdoodles on Tumblr! https://marmotdoodles.tumblr.com/post/139743043576/some-rat-colors-and-markings-prints-available)


Breaking them down by pattern:


Basic rats are… just rats! All one color. Sometimes they have different colored paws and ears but for contrast and ease of painting I kept things pink - and did black eyes for everything but the albino, though the eyes don’t vary as much, I don’t think.




1x Chocolate

1x Albino

1x Black

1x Champaign

3x Blue


Hooded rats have a solid head and shoulders, with a stripe of color to the tail, and white flanks! They’re my favorite pattern which is why I did three...



1x Blue Hooded

1x Black Hooded

1x Champaign Hooded


And then a couple extra brown rats to round things out. Irish rats have a blaze of white on the chin and white paws - capped rats have a colored head and shoulders and white back half.



1x Chocolate Irish

1x Chocolate Capped


And oh god these are not easy to take pictures of. My camera insisted on focusing on the paper-towel backdrop - I've got some greenstuff on the way and plan to do better pictures once I've finished the bases! I took some group shots that came out a bit better:




As you can probably tell - I kept these nice and simple! Painted the bodies over grey primer, then went back and did hands, paws and eyes. They're for sure not the fanciest minis I've ever done, but especially IRL they look pretty good - and once the bases are neatened up, I think I'll be pretty happy with them!

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cool!  and thanks for the rat color chart.  that really helps me in deciding how to paint the rat colors in the future.  I love the palomino colorings and the white rat in the middle.  he looks just perfect... I think he's the gang leader...

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Rat-tastic choices!  I had no idea they came in so many colors. Of course the last time I saw one it was night, so I thought it was black. 



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