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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Batman Inc. part 1


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The third and final big box from Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is full of Batmen from various countries.  Apparently Bruce Wane decided to franchise superheroing like a McDonalds.  


The crew, part 1 - 



Dark Ranger is the Australian "Batman".  He dresses in white, uses guns and flies around on a jetpack.  Just like Batman...yeah I don't get it.  

745368730_2021-02-2219_46_23.thumb.jpg.da3c4736274a8b1814a000f803d146ec.jpg 767367061_2021-02-2219_46_35.thumb.jpg.d5fe13bca68c3f18bd3a205074781223.jpg 425061143_2021-02-2219_46_47.thumb.jpg.0593e5a70b5c1db77f83ab493a2064eb.jpg 1379639319_2021-02-2219_46_58.thumb.jpg.73b887270c0dc563d46d22227a890ecc.jpg


Knight, Batman of England.  

1042844348_2021-02-2219_47_17.thumb.jpg.380723fb9526fccb9192c0dfa7c02fda.jpg 1800603126_2021-02-2219_47_27.thumb.jpg.372c586f2a5c80c5a6ef9c7f77cfd5e4.jpg 95272079_2021-02-2219_47_41.thumb.jpg.6987325e45e659d61c7974c30278d20f.jpg 709121871_2021-02-2219_47_54.thumb.jpg.e5b6be992e1c1edb977b77e9fbe4dadf.jpg


Chief Man-of-Bats, of the Dakota territories.  I tried to get his eyes white but it never looked good, so I wound up going black.

1414395651_2021-02-2219_48_08.thumb.jpg.ee552922bbf2fc4186db90356a2c626d.jpg 1470281468_2021-02-2219_48_18.thumb.jpg.9b23f58b58fba5bb8fb866b86028d710.jpg 500751027_2021-02-2219_48_27.thumb.jpg.36ea7ead2514e0b48f1984c1b5ffe936.jpg 1605046433_2021-02-2219_48_40.thumb.jpg.93640190b13e3074ca9c785cab1d0abc.jpg 


Raven Red, the Chief's son and sidekick.  His eyes came out much better than his dad's.

1255555606_2021-02-2219_48_52.thumb.jpg.4f0d00cd3d6453fc255b3a0f5fc719a9.jpg 2098438633_2021-02-2219_49_02.thumb.jpg.c468642bfa366afde89577b648b1ce41.jpg 1119288495_2021-02-2219_49_13.thumb.jpg.becd77303cd57914c22ebe83887bc8ce.jpg

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30 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good job on them.


Hm, I have been out of reading the comics for too long.

Especially a Batman using guns is totally against all that the Batman stands for.




I did overemphasize the gun a bit.  The bio on him states that he was a sidekick and when his mentor was killed, he got violent.  The gun is technically a stun gun so there is that.  And his card has the "No Killing" icon which means he can't use a real gun if one is in the scenario. 

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