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Yephima, Female Cloud Giant 77162, sculpted by Patrick Keith


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Just now, Darcstaar said:

Excellent work!  The only critique is what you alluded to, which is that her armor blends in with her skin.

Yeah, the armor ends up being a deeper blue, as opposed to the lighter skin, but I think it should have been far more contrasting.  I'm actually working on a Ral Partha Giant right now and I am using the same formula for her armor too, but I've started at my base of ashen blue and went down to black, which is where I stopped for the Partha Giant.  As I go back up to white I'm going to try to use a long stronger bunch of highlights to give it a more grey tone.

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6 hours ago, Inarah said:

She's glorious. I love how her skirt came out, and you did blue and yellow together and made them look natural. 


Thank you Inarah!

2 hours ago, Metalchaos said:

Beautiful work, I love the highlights on the skin and the bronze armor ornaments. The white dress is also very well done.

Thanks Metalchaos! I wanted more pink involved than actually can be seen, but I think I like this mini enough that I could paint her again to try out different color schemes!

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