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Spray: eco-way to spray aerosol paint

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For a fraction of the price ($20-30ish?) you can buy a cheap airbrush and pump sprayer to use as a compressor from a hardware store. You'd get better results on miniatures. That's how Plasmo started out airbrushing.

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1 hour ago, TGP said:

Looks like it made a mess ?


From what's shown in the video, the spraying wasn't too messy. 


This seems interesting, but I already have an airbrush so this isn't something I really need to buy. More environmentally friendly products are always welcome though. 

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Saw this too.  I'm tempted, but mainly for things other than mini painting.  Probably puts too much paint down to be practical for priming but if it works just like a rattle can it might be a good option for people who cling to that kind of priming and refuse to get more into airbrushing.  Hopefully cleanup is pretty easy on it.......

The price isn't terrible, it's less expensive than a paint gun setup, and since it works with a bicycle pump you wouldn't need a large garage compressor.  I probably wouldn't try to use  it to paint a car, but for spraying shellac on a chair it seems like it might be useful.

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My problem with product design is first, whether or not it will work in production, and, second, what other competing products will be around by the time the product comes out -- including after delays.


I poked around the internet, and, at best, found a manual pump for soda bottle paint sprayers. For compressed air, search on "soda bottle paint sprayer". Neither are as good as what this product is or promises.


However, if you're going to be "eco-friendly", why are you painting in the first place? Just because you're an "artist" doesn't excuse you from the environmental cost of creating the paint, nor cleanup afterwards. This project looks like one of those "feelgood" gestures where you're not really making sacrifices.


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Seems neat, but at those prices I could get a nice airbrush to work with the setup I already have...  But I'm not someone who's attached to rattle cans, and have always found them to not be the most... Reliable with laying paint down.


...Says the fox who if he had a back yard would use Montana Gold spray cans to quick coat his MDF terrain >.>;;;  (there's a reason I'm swapping my airbrush up to a 0.5mm needle as soon as I can...)

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I think he should stop using those 'black market, direct from China import' cans he's using if he's worried about the Ozone layer. Rattle cans sold in Europe or USA haven't been busing CFCs for ages.     


He's including ths 'Pinkest Pink' which is in powder form...    

I wonder how many will try to just mix it with water? 

and Black 2.0?

when he has 3.0 already?


Note that he hasn't been known to use Royal Mail or other 'cheap' shipping options before, so... 

This sprayer can end up costing as much as a cheap airbrush/compressor package at your local Walltarget superstore. 


Sorry Stuart, but this time I'm not backing.

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