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Starfinder: Attack of the Swarm pbp

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1 hour ago, Zero Prime said:

By friendly fire you mean targets get cover bonuses, or are we talking crit fails?


Whatever rules apply for having a person near the target or if there are spells that affect areas & such.  Ex in 5e would be thunderwave, affects all targets besides the one you want in certain area. I'm not sure weapons might have burst effects, 

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Wow, I see Wide World of Sports epic fail skier guy in my rolls.


Swarm have pack abilities whenever they are with other Swarm (hence, Swarm) but yah 2 FRICKKIN 1s!! That totally nullifies my first roll of a natural 20..


Either way, I'm giving the party a gift for that one, even thou the staggered condition only happens on crit rolls. Remember that one applies to the green Dredger.

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1 hour ago, ferret said:

Seeing Ra'aster suffer a massive hit, Gustav moves to H10 and swings his tactical baton at the pink dredger hoping to distract it from making a second lunge at Ra'aster.


"HEY, you brainless flea, look at me!"


Trick attack roll  8+10+4=22

Attack roll 12+3=15

Damage = 3

Extra damage from trick attack = 4


(OOC Not a great attack roll, but maybe good enough with the Dredger flat footed.)

Still a better roll than me.  As far as damage, well I guess I'm supposed to be the tank in this party, so mission accomplished.

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