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Bones Stone Golem, Wight and two more Ghouls

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I set myself a goal to at least get six miniatures before February's end (putting myself at the halfway point of how many minis total I did last year :lol:), and by golly I met it.


First up a Stone Golem from Bones. Nothing fancy but I'm really happy with the rough texture he ended up with.



Next up a minor tweak of Morbius from Heroclix into a Wight. And because I went with a red cape and gray hair, it failed to stop looking like Morbius.

It just worked so naturally as a Wight though.




And lastly, two more ghouls for the road. I originally wanted to do all my ghouls in one go but doing the same sculpt over and over was driving me nuts, so I finished this one, left one with just part of a base skin color and the other unpainted, and primed up and painted up a Castle Ravenloft ghoul to round out the group.


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