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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Batman Inc. part 2


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For my penultimate post on B:GCC, I am finishing up the Batman Inc box, featuring Batmen from around the world.


The crew part 2 - 



El Gaucho - Batman of Argentina and other parts of South America.

136649592_2021-02-2711_02_22.thumb.jpg.7c8bd874397753418e35b54e07f51059.jpg 1162901268_2021-02-2711_02_58.thumb.jpg.5fab94717cbcca8df96a05cd1b1c4373.jpg 494477437_2021-02-2711_02_45.thumb.jpg.5704caa2d47a96cdc5273d5aeec86c09.jpg 


Batman of Japan - Apparently they take a different approach to being subtle in Japan.    

318334648_2021-02-2711_03_18.thumb.jpg.6ba668b184398a03b705d4c393037c78.jpg 2101550196_2021-02-2711_03_29.thumb.jpg.12a2c42a5236eae6157865a152c85972.jpg


Night Runner - Parkour master and Batman of Paris.  He has a fun and unique pose, but it did throw off my normal painting order.  I mean, I paint the head first, but I also do top down so...what to do?!?!?

144973414_2021-02-2711_03_50.thumb.jpg.199713bc09f5596f369e788d9387ecf0.jpg 843627580_2021-02-2711_04_00.thumb.jpg.1a2ad4d18e250dc837ddd4f5bdfb42b2.jpg 693441229_2021-02-2711_04_15.thumb.jpg.fe9fcecd7026a3f45f80b4f7a8284508.jpg 2139467400_2021-02-2711_04_25.thumb.jpg.74242d9d3d3e953cd4b39629797df3f4.jpg 


Batman of Moscow - He looks like he's trying to out Batman Batman.  PITA to paint and there is probably a lot of unpainted surfaces behind that cape.  Thankfully no one will ever see them.  

1344925576_2021-02-2711_04_54.thumb.jpg.f2e7e89468db15779c555563650d3213.jpg 1405829441_2021-02-2711_05_08.thumb.jpg.9840552873a53b42d9cdba314e075201.jpg

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