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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Gang of Robin


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For the very last Batman: Gotham City Chronicles post I'll make, here are the Gang of Robin.  I couldn't find any comic book references to these guys specifically, so they are probably just designed for the game to help balance out the number of henchmen the heroes have access to. 


Gang of Robin(s?) - 

659240722_2021-03-0211_43_41.thumb.jpg.cbc0b215fc3d89481fe4bc8896c5ccf4.jpg 384982801_2021-03-0211_43_59.thumb.jpg.561c57d04c00b64a4918d76aca0ede0e.jpg

 2136613869_2021-03-0211_44_38.thumb.jpg.42d79080d95366a0e1ac65a2d345fbbb.jpg 1459600954_2021-03-0211_44_54.thumb.jpg.9aa177b61389ab25543bec9f4a2e567f.jpg


Not the flashiest way to end, but breaking these figures up into smaller groups helped me manage this project.  AND I was able to finish before IDW's Batman game was delivered (thanks in part to art problems on their end).  


Fun timeline facts - 

May 2019 - Started Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

May 2020 - Finished the core box

August 2020 - Finished all of season 1

March 2021 - Finished season 2

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There was a short-lived comic a while ago called 'We are Robin' about a gang of street kids getting their Robin on, don't know if they actually had costumes or anything.


Congrats on finishing all your Batman Chronicles stuff! At least until the next Kickstarter :;):

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