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    • By Nightwing
      This thread (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/67124-riding-halfling-paladin/&tab=comments#comment-1315902) inspired me to make mounted and dismounted versions of a halfling Paladin I played last Christmas for a one day game sacking Ravenloft. The Halfling was named Maurice Chevalier, and his faithful St. Bernard mount was named Hambone. 
      The mounted halfling is not glued to the dog, so he can be removed and the dismounted version can be fighting alongside his companion. 

    • By Nightwing
      In a recent one-day run through Ravenloft, I played a halfling paladin who rode a war dog. He was so fun to play that I have to make minis for them. Here is the start of Garr. 

    • By EvilJames
      Just two dogs that I finished up this weekend. One of which I finished up months ago at a paint n take but just now decided to finish basing and the other from the Iron Wind by the ounce bins at Gencon (does anyone know his id number? I can't find him on IWM website.) Found

      This was my first attempt at using static grass. I'm fairly pleased.

      This is the one from Iron Wind and I don't know it's ID number. If anyone does that would be appreciated. It's the war dog from the historicals line
      No fancy basing for this one. I decided I liked how it looked plain. I had to redo some of his markings after I put the sealer on because some brown got into the sealer so  Iost some of the contrast. Unfortunately I didn't remember what color I used to get the markings in the first place. This color stands out better but the old one looked more natural.

      The two of them together.
      Comments and criticisms appreciated.
    • By Glitterwolf
      Since my account crash I've posted my work again, I had to make new pics from this one.
      When I met my girlfriend I had Odin, A Boxer Dog. ( I always have Boxers, their playful, clownesc behaviour appeals to me. Real family dogs but make no mistake they protect their family).
      Well her daughters ( now my stephdaughters, I feel like they are my own) liked him very much.
      Especially the youngest who was like 9 at the time, Odin was 8.
      He jumped through hoops for her, searched for perfum ridden tissues she hid in the garden.
      They were big friends. The oldest too, but she had the closest connection.
      So I painted up Garr as Odin, cut the tail. Even the shield got a camo scheme, cause Odin wore gear like that sometimes.
      she loved is and it is still in her room.
      Then came 2011, a bad year. First my father died. So sad. some 4 months later Odin hid in the garden. Wouldn't eat or play.
      Now when a boxer does that, you're too late. They are very tough guys and almost never show pain, when they do it is serious and when they hide they are almost done for.
      So the vet diagnosed a belly full of cancer.
      I took him home, let the girls say goodbye and then that night we let him go.
      The youngest still owns his collar and photo, even though we have a new Boxer since 2013 ( Brutus, this time a white one with a big brown/black spot on the left side of his head. This time the oldest has the closest connection, he sleeps on her on the couch like a big baby).
      So as a tribute to Odin and the love humans and dogs can feel for each other I give you ODIN.
      No one can take away the friendship we shared.

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