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30 minutes ago, Adrift said:

That’s awesome!


Thank you!

Happy you like it!


1 minute ago, Poilu_1914 said:

Excellent! I see purple, green and gold; Mardi Gras Oni?




Goraku loves to party, he brings his own fireworks!



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9 hours ago, KruleBear said:

This is really nice GW. I think you stepped up your game on this one. 


7 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

That came out awesome!


6 hours ago, haldir said:

Nice! Love the dual skin choices.


This also makes me want to print out mine now, ha ha.


5 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

This came out great!  Really love the two skin tones.


1 hour ago, Dr Boom said:

That purple and gold really looks good together. It looks like two Oni trying to tear apart from each other.



Thank you all for the nice comments.

It was a joy to paint and it printed out great.

I actually printed it last year as one of the first things but was intimitaded by the dual body/head, I knew I needed to make two skintones but was struggling to decide which ones.

After painting a few other Oni I decided on Purple and Orange.

Love Artisan Guild's designs.


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1 hour ago, Venun said:

That looks amazing Glitter! Good colour choices, and I agree, this is one of your best works so far :) 


Thank you!

High praise!!

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6 hours ago, Goddesstio said:

I love it! The colors are amazing!


47 minutes ago, Samedi said:

Very cool!


Thank you both!

This motivates me to keep printing and painting.

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      Scroll down to get a free piece of terrain.

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      Just some more finished terrain from the Shadowfey set from Printable Scenery.

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      But what a great journey it had been.
      The wagons were filled with animals they had found, some still alive in small cages, most preserved in bottles with alcohol.
      Dr.  Elisa Hartmann was thrilled, she was certain her colleagues at the University of  Mosul would be envious of her findings.
      Several unknown species of scorpions, lizards and birds and even a rare tortoise.
      Suddenly Ahmed shouted : SNAKE!
      Excited Dr. Hartmann ran to Ahmed, maybe it was a rare serpent?
      She hoped so!
      Ahmed came running towards her, TURN BACK! He shouted.
      A bit confused Elisa stood still, Ahmed ran past her.
      Surely Ahmed wasn't afraid of some snake?
      And then she saw it.
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      And to finish off the muddy theme, Fly Holes from SableBadger.


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