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14350 Khamsin Herdsman


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    • By Nial ap Morai
      Enjoyed this model, experimented with white hair for the horse. 

    • By kazmania7
      Couldn't really come up with a color scheme I wanted for her than just said well she's a barbarian so brown armor will always do.

    • By kazmania7
      I probably should of stripped her before painting her, she was primed way back in late 90's with a spray can when I was briefing into the hobby but had destroyed her arm when her staff broke off. Saw her in my bitz box and figured why, not so re-scuplted her whole arm for something to do and just started painting, but some of the detail on the jewelry got gunk and they were hard to paint.

    • By kazmania7
      I know most will say nice face because it came out fairly well, but I loved doing his cloak most.

    • By H.C.
      Here is the Warlord Unicorn, #14457. I like the dynamic action of this pose. It feels like he is ready to stomp and skewer someone. And we will just call those mold lines 'battle scars.' Did anyone else have trouble trying to get rid of those? I could not smooth the seam on the horn down. 
      He was painted with a pale blue undertone to his coat, and a pale mauve to his mane, tail and feathering. The undertones were lightened up by adding pearl white (#9100) to each layer. I plan to do another one of these in black, once I get my hands on a pearl black bottle.

      Group shot!

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