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Darth Bob

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I am a bit confused by this new core rule.


Override (10/15/2002)

  Sometimes in the heat of combat flesh and blood must perform where the machine fails.

(a) The controlling player opts to Override the Target Lock computers during the model's activation

(b) For Direct Fire Resolution (only) the player may add the Pilot Skill + Direct Fire Defense Situation Modifers to a d10 roll. This replaces the normal method for Step One: Target Lock (a) when conduction Direct Fire Attacks. (CAV Main rulebook page 92)


I am confused as to when this would apply and why.

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I'm not sure where you found that, but I have not been able to find anything on page 92 of the core rules or any errata like that.


What it looks like to me is just after you have attempted target lock. And the statment you have is that your weapons officer failed to lock on the target, and now you have to fire your weapons from the hit without a lock bonous. As for the defender he still gets to add his ARMor , his pilot, and any defensive situational modifiers ( ie. hull down, 50% cover, woods, ect.). Now add your weapons value to your dice and make a comparitive roll and apply to the Ranged Attack Damage Table (page 93 core rules)

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I'm guessing that this is in response to something that I brought up with Al the other weekend.  Basically, I was asking him whether or not a Wizzo /had/ to use the targetting computer to fire his weapons.


Notice that its only for Direct Fire attacks though, so you can't do it for IFMs.  And the attacker will never get to add the TL bonus to his attack, he'll be stuck with the weapon's base RAV.

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Darth lurker makes his first post :p


I dig it. I remember talking with a buddy how goofy it would be if I was using a computer that made me worse than when I was just "shooting from the hip."  Like with my Rhino (Lance Tank, and Scorpion have this problem too, don't know about JoR) at 8 damage. If that happened, I'd just turn the computer off... (a la Luke Skywalker attacking the Death Star)


Of course, those -1 TL numbers only come into play when the model is just about dead anyway so I'd probably rarely use this rule.


I dig that it's the pilot shooting.


Gobbo: It says step (a) so it doesn't help with ECM when defending, just the TL when attacking



EDIT: OH I hope this rule goes in. Imagine... duels or "pit fights"... cavs with no electronics (no TL, no ECM) and no WSO... it would be the king of dogfights. I'm playing with this rule this weekend. oooh yeah, two Spartans in a pit fighting arena (that's the one with the good ACA right?)

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I'm not following how this rule goes.


You add you Pilot Skill and any Direct Fire /Defense/ Situation Modifiers???


OK, please let me know if I got this right or not:


Dictator A with 0 damage and Veteran Pilot shoots at Target B.  Crew for some hypothetical reason opts to Override the TL.

Instead of taking the +3 TL for the Dictator, it gets a +1 for the Pilot and...  I dunno...  Do you take the targets cover and add it as well?  Do you take your cover?

If the target is in Heavy Woods, why would you add +2 to your override value?  The target is obscured (thus harder to see), it should be the other way around.


Now, it does say Direct Fire Defense Situation Modifier...  I think it should say Target Lock Situation Modifier instead...  That makes more sense to me...  Unless you subtract the Defense Situation Modifier from the d10 and not add it (like it says to do).


Can someone who has played this rule explain how it works?  Maybe I'm too amped on Andro to grasp it...



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The way I'm reading it is that you just ignore the TL altogether and don't bother rolling for TL but not getting the TL bonus.


Of course this throws defensive fire out the window... since defensive fire is triggered by the TL attempt AND incoming rounds.


Least that's what I thought it was.... cos it's the only way to prevent defensive fire from triggering defensive fire. Thus you can ignore defensive fire by not bothering with a TL attempt and fool the CAV's computer(s).


Well, I won't be using this :o)

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Well we played several games with just pilots using the rule using Starhawks with no TL, ECM, or WSO and it was a hoot.  My Starhawk was dubbed Maximus and my buddy took "The Spaniard" as his Starhawks name and the fight like took 4 rounds. It was great. We did it twice. I lost. Bah! :(


Pretty sure that has to be a typo on the "defense" part, we just used the modifers for range (under 12 and over 24) and I can't remember right now what those are called. Well.. i hope it's a typo because otherwise it makes no sense. :p


What's this about TL triggering Defensive Fire? Is this something from the JoR that I didn't read beacuse doesn't in the FAQ it say the act of TL does "not" trigger DF?  :O

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You are correct, that is why that using the Panther to basically attain a target for my infantry is so effective.


Now to the rule... I guess it is a way to simplify it even more and yes I do read it as throwing the TL roll out completely. Though there is some room for interpretation since it adds the WSO skill instead of the TL... and this could be a problem... in particular with upgraded crews.


Now given that you can fire WITHOUT attempting a target lock... or not achieving it, well it certainly can make for interesting games.



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