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RVE: Class Mins


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    • By Xiwo Xerase
      This is 77210: Sarah the Seeress, a Bones miniature sculpted by Julie Guthrie.  (I think.  The Bones miniature page doesn't say but the http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/sarah/latest/03354 attributes it to her.)  The WIP thread is over here.
      She was my ReaperCon entry, being the best painting job I have to date, and she won bronze.  I have to give credit to @Cyradis, who encouraged me to do more shading under her chin and at least one judge cited that as a good feature of the piece.  (To be honest, a lot of the feedback I received has run together in my mind.  I should have taken more notes.)
      (I picked up a new photo backdrop at ReaperCon, so I think the pictures below are better than those in the WIP thread.  I took pictures with the old backdrop too if you'd like to see those.)

      (Like always, you can click on an image to see a larger version.  I have even larger versions if you'd like to see those.)
      Some of the feedback for improvement I remember receiving from the judges (paraphrased):
      Higher highlights, deeper shadows. Spend more time on her face. Line the eyes.  (Which I had done but that got removed  Some of the highlights on her hair might be too high.  (They're farther from the light.) There should be a shadow in her hair under her headband. While the shadowing under her chin is good, there's not as much shadowing done on her leg. Similarly, shadowing/highlighting is sparse on the back of her dress compared to the front and her leg. More lining, even between high contrast areas. The staff is plain and no work was done to suggest texture. Using green for the orb but the teal for her staff took away from the composition of the piece. After spending some time painting, take a break.  When you come back, hold the mini at arms length and see if anything looks out of place.  
      But it's not all bad.  Some positive feedback I remember:
      The painting is very clean. The painting shows good brush control.  (Those beads are tiny!  And they have tiny highlights!) The eyes were good although needed improvement (see above). The highlights in the hair were in the right places. The shadowing under her chin was good.  (Thanks again, @Cyradis.)  
      Constructive comments and criticism welcome.
      I'll start:
      Sealing her was probably a mistake.  I'm not certain it affected my highlights like I initially thought it did but it still introduced a change and it could have gone awry.  (In my defense, she wasn't meant to be a competition piece.)  Since I'm not actually using any of my minis for game play (our one campaign right now is online), maybe I should not bother sealing until I know they'll be used on the tabletop.
    • By Ash Adler
      I'd felt like I was banging my head on a wall with the main mini that I was working on lately, so I set that aside to work on this as a something simple to make me feel a bit better.  My first try at NMM, too (which shows ).  All I can say is that the contrast really did look better to my eyes until I started taking photos of it.  At least it's somewhat made up for by how nice the eyes and the gem on the left bracer turned out.

      More photos and thought process at my blog: link
      C&C welcome
    • By Glitterwolf
      This is called TANITH's AWAKENING.
      A sideproject from my Lost World Project.
      It was born due to @knarthex's daughter Alsnia, showing a pic of a cute python with flowers on it's head.
      Then @Pezler the Polychromatic made up a little story in my Lost World Project.
      I had already seen a great Serpent Goddess statue in a thread from @Chris Palmer and after some suggestions from @malefactus and @Chaoswolf things really got out of hand.
      More forumites commented and suggested stuff.
      Anyway here it is.
      The Ananconda and the Python are plastic toys.
      The little snakes are from the GW Bastiladon.
      The Sugarskulls are from Greenstuffworld and a present from @Erifnogard THX!
      @knarthex also donated lots of flock and moss.
      The little bird and the smaller pots are Bones.
      Alsnia is Bones Sarah the Seeress 77210
      The bigger pottery, treasures and vases are Resin pieces from Minimonsters and Ristul's Extraordinary Market.
      For the whole story and WIP's
      Hope you guys like it.
      Building was made out of foam.
      I used some milliput and a Greenstuffworld Aztec Motif Rolling Pin.
      TANITH is the living statue of the serpent goddess, Alsnia performs the ritual to summon TANITH, and she breaks free from her stone form.

    • By Glitterwolf
      I'm creating a world in my LOST WORLD PROJECT.
      When doing this I made a project within a project.
      WIP's here:
      Since she would not be visible enough in the diorama alone, I made a separate thread for her.
      This is ALSNIA @knarthex's daughter.
      It all started out when the real Alsnia showed a pic of a albino snake with flowers on it's head.
      Things rapidly spun out of control and the project was born and merged with my own project.
      For the Show Off of TANITH'S AWAKENING look at this:
      Here is Alsnia Solo.
      I used Bones Sarah the Seeress 77210 for this.

    • By Lidless Eye
      So, I realized something about my Frostgrave collection: it's lacking painted Wizards!  Something I could easily fix.
      After the "Into the Breeding Pits" Gnickstarter came in, I scoured my collection for appropriate arcane types.  Most had been sitting in boxes unloved for some time.

      My hope is to be able to run demos with these additions representing various schools.
      First, the gathering of Schools:

      A Necromancer Wizard (Reaper Miniatures Darkrasp)

      His Apprentice (Mage Knight)

      A Thaumaturge, a Reaper miniature picked up many moons ago for use in D&D 4E's "Revenge of the Giants" game.  

      A Warmage from the old Chainmail line of D&D minis, who I think seems best suited to be an Elementalist:

      A Summoner from Reaper Bones:

      A Soothsayer also from Reaper Bones:

      A Wizard from the Warcrow range, who may instead see use as an Apothecary in the planned Arabian Nights style warband:

      An Elven Mage, who was also painted when I realize I didn't have any painted Elf Mages for a recent one-shot D&D game (Reaper Bones again)

      A Heresy Miniatures Wizard, who had his staff lost to the winds of time and replaced with a Warhammer Elven Blade:

      And last, some of the actual Frostgrave line from Northstar Miniatures.

      An Elementalist Apprentice:

      And the set of Beastcrafters:


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