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On 3/25/2021 at 7:42 AM, LordDave said:

Painted these fairly quickly in prep for this saturdays game session





I know its older but nobody commented and i cant resist:  coming to an ocean near you its Dagon and the go-go dancers!  A hot ticket from the seas of Las Vegas for 1 night only when the stars are right!


Seriously though, i love the work you are putting into this and I hope your players appreciate all the beauty they are given on a regular basis.  great work!  


so a tortle ship pulled by turtles.  Is that like a trade cart being pulled by monkeys? ::D:

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Crappy pics (sorry about that) of tonights game session.  They met "Anton Gatorheel"  swamp ranger, who offered to be their guide for the low cost of a bottle of rum and some random gear. 


Anton lead them to an overgrown swamp ruin...where they fought lizardfolk



A concealed passage led to an underground temple.... for the big fight of the evening.  Against a Toad Demon!



They fought hard, but ultimately decided to run from the demon... unleashing him into the swamp in the process....  to be continued...

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Posted (edited)

The game went into extra innings as the players talked me into continuing...  so they made it to the Lizard folk lair in the ruins and had a huge epic battle...




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