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During my Shelf of Shame Project I started with the fairy. Since there is only room for one project on my wet palette, this one had to take the back seat during RVE. Today I finished another project, at least as far as the palette is concerned, so I can finally continue with my little fairy. Every aspect of this project was created by rolling dice.


For everyone interested, here is a somewhat elaborate summary of part one:



I determined everything, including the choice of my mini, with my random challenge generator:


Every mini and every paint I own is indexed in the respective groups, so I can random roll for specific minis and paints.


The results of the rolls were:

  • New mini --> Dark Sword Fairy Huntress
  • Victim
  • Water Base
  • Weathering
  • Limited palette --> MSP Deep Red, Palomino Gold, Dark Highlights and Pure Black/White (last two are given)



I first chickened on the palette challenge, but after a few tests found the range of achievable colours very manageable:



Since in the sculpt the fairy looked rather victorious I was a bit unsure how to hit the theme of "victim". Finally decided to let her fly right into a spider net. To meet the "water base" requirement, the base will be a lake in a swamp with some dead trees in it (also coming in handy for the weathering challenge).


I then sculpted some trees out of copper wire and green stuff (thanks @Lord of the Dish Pit for your valuable help).




After painting and re-painting her, this is where I'm at at the moment:


(Samedi is since finished. I didn't take a new picture of the fairy though, since there has been no progress on her.)



During weekend I usually put down my brushes. At the moment, painting is a stand in for my job that's on hold because of Corona restrictions, so there will probably be no progress until next week. I just wanted to set up everything so I can start right away!

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Alright, back on track!


Finished the Head of the evil baron:



And the dead branch:



I really miss using my Army Painter washes wich I would normally use for a little more definition. It's a lot harder to mix the washes myself, and they behave a completely different.


On the other hand, I enjoy mixing all those colours with just five paints. It's cool to get to know those paints so well. This limited palette challenge is a very good exercise for me.


Next: A protective coat of gloss (and - just maybe - a bit touching up), and then I can glue her to the base and sculpt the ground.


Also I have to start thinking about how to do the spider web in earnest.


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Today, I did some minor touching up on the victim's head and applied a protective coat of gloss varnish.


Then I finally glued the mini to the base.


In hindsight I should have placed the trees somewhat differently, the positioning of the fairy, her branch and the rest of her integral base doesn't really make sense.  I should really just have used the branch for the fairy and cut away the rest of the base - but I was too scared.


So I'll just roll with it, maybe I can improve the composition once I get out the Milliput. At least it's all slowly coming together and I'm happy about that.




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More work on the base. I added some flat stones I sculpted earlier to help blend the little integral base of the fairy into the sculpted base. And I used thinned down Vallejo Dark Earth Paste for some texture - one of my favourite basing tricks at the moment.


The flooded forest now looks more like a river. That's ok for now. Let's see how it looks once I add the water effects at the end. But there's still a lot to do until I get to that part!



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The base is primed. Everything inside me screams to leave it like that, I love how it looks. However, there are still some challenges waiting: The water base, the weathering and the spiderweb. Right now I'm leaning toward using the decorative webs you use for halloween parties. 

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Just finished with the painting part. I went for a rough and dull look of the base, to contrast the lively, triumphant fairy with the dead surroundings. Soon, shell be caught in the spider's web and will die and fade to grey. Poor fairy - but the dice made me do it, wasn't my fault... :unsure:


Next, my obligatory coat of varnish, and then I can go to town with all the weathering products I bought. And there are a lot! And I have no Idea what I'm doing! Good times! :lol:



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So, every new step in my painting journey begins with a buying spree... :blush:


As you can see, I'm fairly well prepared for the weathering part of my challenge - or, to be precise, I have a lot of materials. Not that I have the slightest idea what to do with many of them.


Let's see:


Water effects? Check! And I already did some water bases, so I'm fairly confident. Maybe I can also try some dripping blood with it? 


Pigments? Check! All brand new and unopened. Also: Pigment binder to mush them into a paste and airbrush medium to fixate loose pigment (so I'm told...)


Tufts and flock? Check! Should be easy, just glue em on, did that a few times already.


Washes to tint the water effects? Check! 


Fishing line and micropearls? Check! I heard this should be useful for dripping blood. We'll see.


Blood effects? Check! Fresh and dried. For what? I don't know, but it's good to have. (I also got something called vomit and bile, not gonna use those here, probably.)


Typhus corrosion? Check! Was highly recommended during one of the classes at RVE. Probably also good to have, for whatever.


Diorama effects? Check! I got four: Rust, something that is called "Moss and Lichen" but looks like baby diarrhoea, and to bottles of "Slimy Grime" in a light and a dark version.


Too many paints? Also check!




Decided to work on my other project today...:lol:


Probably have to watch a lot of youtube and make a few experiments with all this new stuff, before I start. Any good tips?

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On 3/23/2021 at 8:46 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Do not apply water effects till your paints and glue are properly dry.


Thanks, will do!



Finished the long varnishing procedures (part one, at least). Tomorrow, the weathering shall begin! :devil:

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Allright, today was the day. As I suspected, I was in way over my head. I'm not sure I give the weathering challenge a "pass", but the report will definitely say I "showed a lot of effort and enthusiasm".:lol:


The beginning was fairly easy: Some plants for the base. Mostly I super glued them to my pliers, but a few I managed to place on the base.




Next: Citadel Typhus Corrosion. My plan was to add a bit of texture to the tree roots and the stones to use as moss later. Did not work at all, there is not enough texture in this paint. Works probably well for rust effects, though. So I just applied it very liberally on the ground. That worked very well and added a muddy feel to the scenery.




Next: The Vallejo Weathering Trio: Slimy Grime dark and light, and Moss&Lichen. I began with the dark grime and drenched the ground and the roots with it, then used some to darken the base of the tree trunks. Seemed to go rather well. Then I used the light variant for the branches and some "highlights" in a combination of washing and overbrushing. I probably overdid that part. Finally the Moss&Lichen. This is a very strong, yellow-greenish colour and I was reluctant to use it, not wanting to ruin my work so far. Tuns out it is rather convincing when applied sparingly with a sponge or a stippling brush. The important word here is "sparingly". Ah well...




Next: Pigments. Turns out, I bought all the wrong colours, they were much too rich and bright to look natural. I could dull them down a bit by mixing, but not very much. I tried to apply them on the ground and the stones, but wasn't too happy with it. Then I tried to dust the tree branches with a pigment called "green earth". Could have skipped this step, though, it didn't really make a difference.




Finally: Another black/brown wash for the ground, some light drybrushing to make the texture stand out again, and a repainting of the black rim. I'm calling the weathering step done. I'll apply a coat of matte and then I'll see if I can make some blood drip from the baron's head!



EDIT: I really should do the web before the blood effects. Just ordered some Halloween-Decoration-Spiderweb from Amazon. May take a few weeks to arrive, though. Until then: Sleep well, little fairy!


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Finally, the mailman came and brought me my spider web. So I immediately went to work:


I tried to position the web between the trees, but that looked very artificial. So I decided to cover the complete trees with web. The little fairy must be really blind not to see that trap coming...


I put some tiny drops of super glue onto some strategic spots. And then I brought out the Anti Shine, to make the web more durable. 


Should not have done that! 


The web turned all white (of course, now that I think about it) and lost some of its tension, probably because of the solvents in the spray. That's what I get for not testing it beforehand. :rolleyes:


Still, I'd call it acceptable overall. What do you think?



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