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Double post! Yay! :bday:


While I'm not really happy with the spider webs, I'm absolutely thrilled how the blood effect turned out:




Here's a quick how-to:

  1. Attached a fine nylon thread with UV-resin to the poor Baron's head
  2. Used an UV-torch to cure the resin
  3. Fixed the other end of the thread to the rim of the base with blue tack
  4. Reinforced the thread with more resin using a disposable brush
  5. Torch
  6. More layers of resin
  7. More torching::): in between
  8. Cut the thread right below where a bigger drop had formed
  9. Repeated steps 6&7 a few more times
  10. Painted the resin with blood effect. Got some blood effect on my fingers. That stuff looks REALISTIC!

(UV-resin, UV-torch and blood effect by Greenstuffworld.)


Now, there's only the water missing. But that's not for today. I hope there's enough resin left, I just bought a tiny bottle to try it out. Will buy more, definitely, I just love that product!

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Thanks @snitchythedog!


Just checked out the website you recommended. An absolute gold mine! I see me spending a lot of time browsing through all those how-tos.



I finished the resin pour. Originally I planned to tint the water a bit with inks to make it murkier. But my huge spider web made it very tough to access all the spots, so I dropped that idea and poured straight out of the dropper bottle. The resin has about the consistency of glue, so I had to guide it a bit with a toothpick to reach all the spots it should, still I did not manage to even it out completely.

For containing the resin I used a silicone mould (by Greenstuffworld) that fit the base perfectly (they come in a set to fit all standard size bases, another great product). This worked very well. The sides came out a bit milky, though. That's no problem, you can clear them up with either a coat of gloss varnish or a coat of still water effects (my preferred method).


At the center of the base the resin created some weird white texture. Maybe it reacted with something (though I didn't use any special products on that spot) or it just didn't properly connect to the ground. I can't tell if that happened before or during the curing process, my huge spider web blocked the view and the damage was done without me even noticing. Good thing is: Because of the web, that spot is hard to see anyway.


Here's a picture right after the curing of the resin:




I then cut away all the excess resin and applied a final coat of Vallejo Still Water to gloss up the edges.


And that completes my little fairy project. I learned a lot during the process and I would call it a success, overall. It made my try a lot of things I wouldn't have tried otherwise and it pushed me way out of my comfort zone. If I could change one thing it would definitely be the web, but then again there are so many other minis waiting to be painted, I'll just file that under "lessons learned" and move on.


Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride!


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