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Lidless Eye Hobbies: Swamps and Marshes (3D Prints)

Lidless Eye

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I've been trying to focus on more minis and terrain for Rangers of Shadow Deep, and luckily some recent Patreons and Kickstarters helped provide terrain. 

Here's a very humid focus of recent works, all printed on an Ender-3

Swamps, from Titan-Forge






Fey Marshes, from the Shadowfey Kickstarter by PrintableScenery

















And to finish off the muddy theme, Fly Holes from SableBadger.





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      Chris Hunt has just launched his modular Gothic Tavern. This thing is extremely customizable, from a small way-stop to a sprawling Inn. His Shipworks Kickstarter delivered well and he has been very active with his Patreon the past few years. Most of the building add-ons for this project were recent Patreon rewards. He is great with communicating with the community on his Discord channel.
      This would be a great place for all of the tavern bits from the Green Griffon Tavern set to hang out.

      Unfortunately, I'm not great at adding the media bits to the Kickstarter announcements. Please check this one out.
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      These are from a 3d printable Rocks and Plants crowdfunder I backed last year.  The company is called Print Your Monsters, and I've been very pleased with how they come out. 

      The base of each flower is ~30mm. 
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      Awhile back I posted part of the LOOT tavern.  Here is part 2, which required me to use a slightly larger paint selection. Since my camera didn't want to play nice we have "blurry, but color accurate," and "in-focus but it doesn't quite look like that." Either way, tabletop ready.

    • By Auberon
      As mentioned elsewhere I got a copy of Rangers of Shadowdeep for Christmas, but due to the fact that I've almost always gamed at other people's houses, I lack terrain.  Enter LOOT's welcome pack, which is a tavern.  The default scale is 32mm.  I could have scaled it to 88% and made it 28mm, but I just printed as is.   Below you can see how it looks on a D&L grid (30mm), but it won't really matter at all off grid.

      And part 1 of the painting, just the wood!  The wood grain on some of these is quite shallow so I used a glaze painting method like @AntiMatter wrote about.  It did fill in the wood grain, but in order to really make it pop I would need to go back and highlight every board, which I'm not doing.  Instead they just got some exterior edge highlighting, which I may yet blend in a bit with an ink wash later.
      My "nice" pics were overexposed, so I just waited for some natural light on the work table and took a new one. 

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