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I did have some pie on Saturday.

My attempt to have some delivered today was an epic fail.


So, one hour lost to DST idiocy. And a Pie free Pi Day. Not the worst weekend ever but it was trying to make the bottom 10. <_<

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Interesting factoid about pi: it's believed to be a "normal number," but no one has been able to prove or disprove it.

A normal number is one whose m-ary expansion contains every n-length sequence of digits with equal probability, where m is any number base. IOW, if pi were normal, and you encoded its expansion in base 128 with ASCII characters, it would contain the text of every book ever written (or not written)! For every statement of fact, its contradiction could also be found somewhere in that expansion.

The Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges wrote a short story on this theme, "The Library of Babel," which is included in his anthology, Labyrinths. The library is of indefinite size, and its books contain every possible sequence of 25 lexical symbols. Borges riffs on this theme in exquisite detail, making it a very fun read.

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