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Starfinder: Attack of the Swarm (Fate of the Fifth) AP pbp


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Doc checks his "injectible" loads, tailored for Swarm soldiers. Satisfied, he then runs a quick scan on each of his squad mates, staying out of the way as each is busy with their duties. Pleased that each is in good shape for the temperature and climate, he stores the tent and gives each member a ration bar. "eat now, we don't know when we will get another chance."

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On 4/9/2021 at 2:48 PM, Kangaroorex said:

While the 'big important people' wrangle about what is going on and whats happening, Ratticus sends Pip to do a spiral pattern around the camp and to circle out of sight (stealth 15+8=23) to locate caves and other potential hidey holes or entrances and to report back ever loop or half loop or 20 minutes whichever comes first. it stays low to the ground and starts sweeping for potential hidaways and threats (it is a stealth drone after all, with adaptive camo) 


once Ratticus sets that up he goes to see what needs to be done in the camp and makes sure his pea shooter has a good set of batteries ::D:.  basically stay low, act cool, and assume anyone out there will shoot the bigger targets first... all the while ensuring that those bigger targets don't get mad at him! 



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Vitharyan nodded at Gustav, "I appreciate your discretion," he sighed, watching the skies over Brinnoa, knowing, full well, that Drachovya was a few hundred klicks from the capitol.  "And I get that you've got issue with the Major, but he knew the withdrawal was the sign of something else, when top brass didn't, he saw the second offensive coming."  He nodded towards the flares in the skies, "The vexxers are landing troops, and if they are attacking SP-1 they are trying to cut off any orbital superiority the SDF may have.  We need to pack up and try to link up with the Battalion, situation's changed and command can't respond."


He turned back towards the unit, "Maus!"  He called to the ysoki, "See if you can boost our signal and cut through the interference, get us a channel to Lt. Jan, or the Major!"  Then the Doc was in his face, pushing a R2E into his hands, he nodded thanks, tore off the wrapper and bit into the dense, tasteless, protein bar.  "Stay sharp, this is a second offensive, and I'm thinking it's going to make the Battle of the Stone Sea look like a small skirmish."


As he counseled Midnight squad to stay alert, and while waiting for Maus to push their signal through to the battalion's command channel, he performed a cursory perimeter check to ensure that there were no surprises.


OOC:  Perception check: 1d20+8=(16)+8=24

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"I suggest we continue the patrol unless Ratticus gets us new orders. 

   If the drones are still down, we may be the only source of Intel in the area and someone seemed to think it important to know if the swarm shows up here. 

    But you can bet I will be the first to hightail it back to base to report if we spot a bug."

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You do your magic & flick switches, toggle buttons, you get a faint signal, but your attention is suddenly interrupted as 2 Swarm Dredgers come up & over a hill & attack the party!!!


Among the more insectile Swarm components, these creatures each have a swept-back, segmented carapace and a set of three mandibles covered in hooked barbs. It is approximately 3 feet long & has a black, red, and orange carapace.




(I'll have a pic up tomorrow morning, along with a battle map for everyone.)


No one is surprised. roll for initiative!!


Note: They do not spot your drone, Ratticus


Dredgers - Init: 19 




Round 1 Dredgers.png


(note Snow squares are Difficult Terrain)

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Vith nodded at Maus, "Keep trying to get that signal through.  Doc, Ra'astar, how are we coming on tearing down that ...," his thoughts were interrupted by the sudden appearance of swarm dredgers advancing on the unit.   "Contact."  With a soldier's intuition he responds with lightning speed, readying his pistol even as he moves to circle to the rear of the advancing vexxers, his cam-membrane rendering him nearly invisible as he did so.


OOC:  Initiative: 1d20+4=(20)+4=24 So, ummm, that means I will be rolling 1's for everything else.

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