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Starfinder: Attack of the Swarm (Fate of the Fifth) AP pbp


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Engineering check 20+8= 28 (havent seen one of those in a while¬†ūüôā)¬†


Ratticus will stay with Gustav to help repair any medical equipment or surveillance equipment and keep it functional to try and save lives, leaving the shooting to those better than him.


stealth is 9+8= 17 to follow along with Gustav and prevent blowing his cover.

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On 4/25/2021 at 10:53 AM, haldir said:

As the party settles in (feel free to name where you are on the map, before this happens) suddenly one of the large skyscrapers nearby explodes & is engulfed in flames. Sadly, you can hear screams from people who haven't yet made it out. There is slight pause in the fighting as suddenly out of the sky a large comet or possibly a fireball, no wait it's a very large structure! (Please give me a Culture check or a Engineering check)


Ok anyone that makes a DC 12 Culture check or a DC 15 Engineering check recognizes that the fiery object is not a natural thing, it's a man-made structure! It appears to be one of the 2 spacedocks that hover in orbit around Suskillon! The station has suffered tremendous damage, but most of it is intact when the party sees it falling from the sky.




The station slams into the hills to the north of the city. It's almost like time stands still for a few seconds as there is a bright flash of white light which is followed by a ear-splitting explosion! A cloud of dust erupts from the crash site, it envelops the city & the surrounding region for miles with a red cloud of dust that obscures everything in it's wake. Everyone, please give me a Will Save due to mass devastation & the major loss of life. This is a mind-effect (if anyone has anything towards that).



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Vith marched up the ridge, before dropping prone, his reaction cannon poking out over a rocky embankment, aimed towards Brinnoa itself.  He was ready to provide cover fire to those SDF personnel, and civilians fleeing the city.  He felt it before he saw it, a deep, reverberating thrum he felt in his chest, he looked up, saw the fire ball, "Is that --," he managed to get out, before he realized what he was actually seeing.  "Pashang!"  If the Space Docks were coming down, Suskillon's orbital defenses had fallen, and the opportunity to receive reinforcements from allied sectors of space was a pipe dream at best.  This was it, they --  "No!" He yelled, as the wave of dust and debris washed over him, he clicked on the Troop armor's environmental protections, the dust was going to get thick, but he sure as hell wasn't about to break, he'd been given a job to do, they, had been given a job to do.


OOC:  Will save (1d20)+3=13+3=16  Hopefully enough, Vesk receive a +2 bonus against Fear effects, if this counts that'd bring it to an 18 if not, 16 it is.



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Doc watches in awe and horror as the station comes down. Realizing that the civilians will be terrified he is glad to be with his comrades.

Engineering check 20+6=26 [yeesh, why now and not when I will really need it]

Will save 12+5=17

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Will Save: 5+2


Ra-astar looks up in shock as the space dock fills the sky; getting bigger and bigger until it all one can see.  It is as he is an ant, and the structure a boot descending to stomp him from this very plane of existence!  The rumbling of the ground as the it impacts north of the city shakes not only his body but seems to shake his very soul.

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@Zero Prime I'll give you the +2 as this is a Fear effect.


Anyone 16 & over on their Will save is not affected by the Shaken condition for the next 4 hours.


Shaken:¬†You take a ‚Äď2 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks while you have the shaken condition. If you are already shaken and then become subject to an additional effect that would cause you to be shaken, the duration of the shaken condition increases by the duration of the second effect.


The Dust: Obscures vision. A creature more than 5 feet away but less than 50 feet from its attacker has concealment. A creature 50 feet or more from its attacker has total concealment.


I will need Perception checks from everyone......

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His pulse pounding in his ears, and a queasy, uneasy feeling in his bowels, the large vesk from his prone position swept the barrel of his weapon along the perimeter searching for movement from within the cloud of dust and debris.


OOC:  Perception check, as requested, (1d20)+1=16+1=17  I do have Low Light Vision if that helps, if not, 17.

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Gustav is shaken by the enormity of the destruction and loss of life he just witnessed as well as by how quickly SDF defenses seem to be failing before the swarm onslaught.


"I don't think our squad can do much to make any difference here.  Let's join up with one of the groups of evacuees  heading to Reos City to provide them some protection.  Maybe we can save at least some of the civilians that way."


Gustav looks through the dust for a path to withdraw toward the south that isn't blocked by swarm elements.


Perception check 15+4=19




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Vith looked towards Gustav through the dust & debris.  "Gustav, we're all shook!  We got friends, we got family in Brinnoa!"  He grunted, looking back towards the rolling clouds washing over their position, "And we have our orders.  Hold the line!  Next person out of the dust could be your family."  He snarled, "Could be mine.  We hold!"


OOC:  For this conversation, Vith is activating his Voice Amplifier implant, so his unit can hear him, hell, so other units down the line can hear him.  In Starship combat, a Captain can demand an action from a crewmate with Intimidate, while this isn't exactly that, I am going to roll for a similar manuever, to use it as a call to action, or to bolster us from the shaken condition.  Inimidate 1d20+7=(15)+7=22.

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‚ÄúVith, snarl all you wish, but the Major said ‚ÄėDon‚Äôt be a hero, if things turns badly for you, retreat...‚Äô. ¬†not hold at all costs. I think¬†this clearly qualifies as things turning bad. ¬†I doubt our staying here would slow the Swarm. ¬†Better we try to make a difference by helping¬†some of the evacuees get out of this mess alive.¬†Let‚Äôs join the withdrawal to Reos City.

¬† ¬†However, if the majority of the squad believes we should stay here, I will stick with you. ¬†So, what do the rest of you think?‚ÄĚ

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Vitharyan shook his head, "Abandon your post if you're scared of what's coming.   I'm going to hold the line, like we were ordered!"


Now ignoring Gustav's outburst, he went back to scanning the dust for survivors, civilian or SDF.


OOC:  Not adverse to a withdrawal, but we're not being overrun at this point, there hasn't been contact with hostile.  I'm not willing to retreat on one squadmate's hunch, especially when he's clearly shaken by events we've witnessed.

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