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Starfinder: Attack of the Swarm (Fate of the Fifth) AP pbp


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Doc wanders over to Vith, tapping on the powerful Vesk's chest armor, he quietly says. "Remember, "Fight with your heart, lead with your head." Our orders are to hold as long as we can, we have to stay alive to continue to save all that we can. Make your plans to do that, and then let the others know that plan and their duties. That will give them confidence, that is what they will need more than anything else right now. Even a shaky plan is better than just sound and fury. Now sit down, eat a ration bar and make your plan."

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Ok, still waiting on @Kangaroorex's roll, but anyone that didn't roll a 25 or more & this happens while Vith is trying to communicate with the party,


The duststorm swirls around everyone making it very hard to see anyone, let along hear anyone. Suddenly, almost minutes after the spacedock crashed, the ground under your feet gives way as Swarm Dredgers burrow up & try to drag the party down!!


Surprise round (so far everyone has been surprised) 

There are a total of 4 Dredgers this time. They come out of the ground & attack the following people:







*I'll ignore Ratticus for now due to I don't have a Perception check yet. He may be able to act this round!!


(Since the people above are surprised, you are flat-footed, thus subtract -2 to AC for this attack:)


(since I'm upstairs on my laptop right now, I don't have access to anyone sheets: I have them printed next to my computer, except for Doc's)


Doc, the first dredger tries to attach itself to you & bring you down into the ground. Attack vs KAC: 16.  If that attack hits, the dredger has used the Attach action vs you.


Ra'aster, the 2nd one attempts the same maneuver, attaching to you: vs KAC: 10. I doubt that hits but you never know.


Gustav, the 3rd one follows suit & tries to bring you down as well. vs KAC: 25. If that hit, you have a Dredger attached to you now.


Vith, the 4th one must be a killer of the bunch as it tries to snap your leg off or at least maim you that you'll be easier to bring down later: Claw attack vs KAC: 26. If that hits, then it damages you for: 5 pts.


Again, we will retro for Ratticus's actions if he beats the Perc check of 25.


Everyone rolls for Initiative!

Once everyone has rolled, I'll update the map for positions & color the Dredgers for easier call-outs. Note Concealment rules are in effect for this combat. As are the Shaken conditions, if you failed your roll earlier.


Dredgers: 7

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Perception is 'I see nothing' 6+3


Initiative is a wopping 5.  Not my day for dice...


Ratticus can't beat a 25 regardless of rolls, for future reference...


As a note though the drones stealth is at 27, (37 until it moves or attacks)

Edited by Kangaroorex
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Vitharyan nodded at Doc, "Actually," he swallowed some of his rage, "that makes alot --"  Before he could finish his thought the ground erupted, dredgers came swarming through the dirt and soil.  He felt a sharp pain in his thigh, thankfully the armor plating took the brunt of it.  He rolled over onto his back, "CONTACT!"  Looking to his left he saw another one attack his tortanian squadmate.  "Doc!"


Two loud booms echoed across the rocky outcropping as Vith squeezed off two shots at the dredger which had attacked his leg, and even now, was looming over him chittering insect like mandibles.


OOC: So, seeing as Vith was expecting civilians or SDF soldiers to come out of the city with swarm at their heels, I was in a prone position to provide covering fire.  Standing up from Prone is a Move Action (ie. AoO), Crawling is a Move Action (AoO), I can't Guarded step while prone.  So either way, I am eatting an AoO, so I will roll onto my back and Full Attack, at -4, the Dredger that bit me.


Initiative: 1d20+7=(18)+7=25

Attack 1: 1d20+0=(19)+0=19 vs KAC, Damage (Piercing)=1d10=(7)=7 Piercing damage.

Attack 2: 1d20+0=(13)+0=13 vs KAC, Damage (Piercing)=1d10=(6)=6 Piercing damage.


However, the attack will draw an AoO from the Dredger, but, as I am Prone, my KAC is 12 vs Melee, so unlikely he'll miss.

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Initiative Order:

Vith 25

Gustav 9

Doc 9

Ra-astar 9

Dredgers 7

Ratticus 5


Round 1:


Vith, you attack the dredger. Your attack(s) will hit the dredger, your first blasts the monster for 6 pts of damage!!


As you switch your position, the creature tries to retaliate but is met with anther pistol blast for 7 pts of damage, which finishes off the creature. It's lifeless body slumps halfway out of the dirt.


Dredger #4 is dead


Any of the 9s can go next.



The Dredger fails his Will save, you strike it for 11 pts of damage. The creature is still alive.


The pistol blast thou will finish it off!


Dredger #3 is still alive (note below)


Awaiting for Ra-astar & Gustav's actions


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As the dredger burst forth from the ground, Ra'astar is able to kick it away, narrowly avoiding it's grasping jaws.  He enters photon mode (1pt) feeling the power of the stars energize his body as he grabs his mote with a free hand (move action) and summons forth a shining spear.  He thrusts the spear at the dredger at his feet, attempting to skewer it!


To hit: 12+4=16 KAC

Damage: 2+6+1(photon attunement)= 9 P

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DM note: Ok before continuing onward, I need to retcon the results of Doc's pistol attack. Dredgers are immune to acid & I totally spaced that off. The Major did warn the party to dump any acid based weapons before the patrol & such. Anyways, here's the retcon:




Doc, your spell weakens the Dredger significantly but your follow up attack just strikes the creature. To your horror, the acid just slides off the creature like water on a window. Thus no damage to this part of the attack.




Your attack will strike the creature for 9 pts of damage.


Ok, Dredgers!


Dredger #1


It continues to keep attached to you despite the damage inflicted upon it's mind. It continues to attack you with greater effect (due to the attachment):  Your spell must have confused it slightly as it just continues to hang on to you. No further damage.


Dredger #2


The creature attacks Ra'astar! It tries to claw you & it clamps down but doesn't do any further damage. You take 7 pts of damage! (You must taste good to these, as these things really like you! :poke:)


Dredger #3


Gustav, since the creature has you in it's grasp, it'll try to clamp down for further damage. The claws pierce your flesh but for only 5 pts damage!


Ratitcus, your up!


(the Dredgers are oblivious to your drone, btw). Also, note since I haven't updated the map, you'll have to go by previous posts to see where everyone is at. Remember Concealment & Shaken (if you failed the save) are in effect. I'll try & update that later today.

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since Ratticus is still near Gustav he will shoot the dredger on Gustav

19+2 (-2 for the shaken i think) Damage is 4 EAC


Pip will also take a shot at the closest dredger as it is threatened

15+2 (can AI be shaken?) Damage is 3 EAC


that would be it

Edited by Kangaroorex
had the wrong weapon
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Ok, took me a bit to find it but thanks to Paizo actually having Universal rules for their critters (unlike 5e...(one of my biggest complaints)):


Construct Immunities (Ex)

Source Alien Archive 4 pg. 153, Alien Archive 3 pg. 150, Alien Archive 2 pg. 149, Alien Archive pg. 153
Constructs are immune to the following effects, unless the effect specifies that it works against constructs.

Bleed, death effects, disease, mind-affecting effects, necromancy effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, and stun.

Ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, exhaustion, fatigue, negative levels, and nonlethal damage.

Any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect works on objects or is harmless).


GM Note: So long way to say no Pip is not Shaken!! Also, note I won't retro the results, but Vesk's fear bonus doesn't apply to mind effects. I read this on the Paizo forum, while trying to find the drone stuff.


The Dredger does have extra cover (ie higher AC & 20% concealment) your shot finds it mark & blasts the Dredger for 4 pts of damage!!  This Dredger (#3) has suffered a total of 7 pts so far.


Your drone, Pip emerges from the sandstorm to fire on a Dredger & it focuses enough to find it's mark for 3 pts of damage. (I will see which one this before marking it down. I will update the map & post it tomorrow)


Round #1 over, Combat/game paused till I get a updated tact map up for everyone!!

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