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Gulper 44038 - Inspired by Asoares version

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I saw a version that  Asoares did back in 2019 in a likeness of a Red Tail Catfish, and really liked how that was done. It reminded me of Jeremy Wade on a river in South America catching a monster catfish. So here goes my version.


The dark section seems to be more of a brown-grey so using that and not the blue-greys. In some of the pictures I am using for reference, the red has alot of rusty orange in it, so I will be using that for some layering in the red fins and tail.



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Looking to lay a base of paint down, and started with the Blood Red. Looked at images a bit more and going to have a base of Brown Sand down under the grey - that way I can stimple the greys on and show the bown under it.





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Painted white parts Foggy grey, and washed with Cloudy grey. Washed Brown Sand down into white and Foggy grey into brown to soften transition areas and on the white on fins. Under painted Sea Lampreys with AV Prussion blue wash on head and stripes and after dried, did a couple of coats of green ink. Mouth and tongue was red, washed in Ivory and started bringing in Mountain Stone which is darker, in around the mouth so teeth will show better when I start painting those.







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That ended up being a quick WIP. (Guess I was more hyped to work on it than I expected) The Mountain Stone grey ended up looking great over the Brown Sand. I then put the AV grey green and some black along the top of the back. First stimpled on then, did some  washing/layed coats along the top.


For the lapreys, I think I would do in Brown, Dk Olive, Purple or Dk Blue/Blk next time. Something that complements the colors of the body more.


I ended up with a green, then purple, then black and white with Secret weapon Ruby wash for the eye. Calling it done!










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