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Looking for some WH40k help


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Hello all,


I was digging through my hoard and came across some WH40k boxes/sets, sprues and loose minis that I am frankly never going to paint or use. I bought all of this stuff at least 8 years ago, so it was before they switched base sizes to 32mm round, but other than that I'm not even sure what edition some of this may be from; it was all bargain purchases off eBay.


Anyways, I'm trying to figure out what this stuff might be worth when I go to sell it, and I was hoping/looking to see if anyone on here is up on the WH40k scene, and if they could PM me to help me appraise what all this might be worth. It's all infantry, no vehicles, and is between Chaos Space Marines and Tau factions.


**Important note: I'm not trying to find a seller for it here, as that's against the forum policy (I've asked and received Mod permission to post this). I'm just looking for any direction on the value of some of this for when it's selling time.**


If you can/are willing to give me some help, shoot me a PM and I'll get you a description of what I have, and can even get pics if that will help.


Thank you for reading, and any help in advance!



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