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Krakenships Miniatures Fantasy Tabletop Miniatures 2


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Anyone know anything about this:


Krakenships Miniatures Fantasy Tabletop Miniatures 2



They look pretty nice, and from what I gather, the minis from their first Kickstarter have been very well received

I'm tempted to back, but the fact that it's not getting much action makes me wonder why ...


Anyone here back the first KS? Anyone have any of their minis?


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On 3/20/2021 at 4:27 PM, Marc said:

Agree about the bases, but I always rebase anyway.

That's good to know. I wonder why this current Kickstarter doesn't seem to be doing very well?


I'd say math.


Looking at the first one, it pulled in less than they're looking for.


That would be a damning process under almost any situation.


"Hey, we raised $10!  Let's ask for $40 on the next KS!"

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Looks like it's the last two days and I don't think it's going to make it unless a large number of people just watching decide to back it now.  Some of their wording in the initial landing page may strike the wrong cord with some people. "We aint' re-launching" etc...  I've seen multiple campaigns re-launch. It's not necessarily a bad thing. 

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