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Paint rack upgrade

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I bought some more paint the other day and after doing so I realized my paint rack is full and I know whatever paint I put in a drawer goes there to die and never be used again.


So time to expand my storage.






Sculpting and cutting tools drawer is getting an upgrade as well.




Should be a fairly quick project.  I know this isn't a painting WIP but paint related and will maybe give others some ideas.

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Cut the foam board down to 4 pieces to the size I need but since the foam board was a little thin I glued two pieces back to back and made two sets of those.




Then I started cutting the pvc pipe.  I started with one 10' pipe and three 2' pipes.




After cutting the 10' I did a test to see how many more tubes I needed to cut.  At this point I realized I either calculated wrong or I never actually calculated how many tubes I would get out of one pipe


.  Either way I was going to be way short on tube and seeing as how I want to be able to not just have room for the paints I ordered but also have room beyond that I decided to go get more pvc and not just cut down the foam




So on my way to the depot of home supplies I glued the two sets of foam together.  So now it is about an inch thick.  Glued with Titebond so it should hold.



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Well that took a long time!  The chop saw i had last time was a lot faster than by hand but it wasn't that bad doing it by hand.  Now just have to find something to watch on Netflix and start hot gluing the tubes on.




Guess I'm not getting any painting done tonight.  

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All the tube have been glued into place.  I had originally thought I would be adding about 100 slots but like I said I didn't do much calculating and 100 slots is just how I decided it would work out.  I ended up with 162 ::D:




Will probably wait for the weather to dry out a bit here and then spray paint it black.  I'll also probably repaint my old one as the only spray paint I had when I built it was some textured patio furniture spray paint.  


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Old rack and new rack painted and drying




It's pretty breezy out so I'm hoping they dry and not stinky by the time I'm off work so that I can get them put up and get to painting.


The tool drawer might have to wait a couple days as I need to get to work on the Archvillian piece I want to get done for their competition 

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Rack has been installed and there is oh so much room to grow.  Although I do have about 35 paints coming in :rolleyes:




And my brain won't let me get back to painting till I'm done with this small paint desk upgrade so I'm working on the drawer real quick.


Started by cutting a piece of foam board to fit the bottom of the drawer and then cut the side pieces and glued it all together 






Now just need to figure out the layout I want and will cut and glue foam board as needed.  I may need to find some other tools to go in here.  It's crazy that when you organize stuff you have so much more room.  Or maybe I'll just get these tools a home and then leave the rest blank so I have space for new tools.




(Foam dividers are just laid in place while I figure out the layout) 

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So here is the final paint setup (the paints in the clear were there before this is just a picture of the whole setup)




Here's the drawer finished




And with some of the foam board I had left I made a small shelf for my airbrush bottles to sit on my painting booth 



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