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Spring arrived a good few weeks ago here and i don’t think it has rained since, it was so hot yesterday (24 degrees – woohoo) that i had to stop work and take myself to a local plunge pool to have a paddle. How about you? What have you been looking forward to doing this Spring season? :)

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Can someone remind me what the groundhog said on February 2?


Our winter has been mild, and now our spring is being unseasonably warm. Local meteorologists are basically saying our current temperatures and snow cover are what we should have one month later. Just looking outside at what snow remains, I can confirm it's dramatically less than previous years.


Aside from having nice warm days, one of the upshots is that the risks of snowmelt flooding are far lower than usual. So it won't be as wet as usual.


And for myself who is gradually moving stuff to my new apartment, doing it in nice weather is far more enjoyable. It's warm enough that I'm actually sweating from carrying boxes! The only real annoyance is never knowing which coat I should bring as most nights temperatures still get below freezing. 

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The very brief window of time where it is both warm enough to Do Stuff Outside, and not so warm that my heat-intolerant self will turn into a sticky ooze of nope.


Also, these:


They're in bloom all over the place here at Thornehaus, and seeing them makes me happy.


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Yeah, spring has been...  Weird over here.  We've been bouncing from overnight lows of -6C to highs of 12-15C.  Needless to say keeping the place a consistent temperature has been a constant battle. 


On the flipside though, it isn't anywhere near as insanely dry in the air now... 

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The birds are singing, the flowers are beginning to bloom, the street sweepers are running amok, trying to remove the gravel that was dumped on the roads and footpaths in the winter...   


And of course, the snow is falling, gently covering up all the rubbish from the winter...




Just a snapshot out my office window. 

And yes, there's snow in the air. And it was bare last week.

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