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Anno Domini 1666 Swashbuckling board game

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Anno Domini 1666 was a Kickstarter for a swashbuckling board game with some magic and supernatural elements.  Players run a "gang" of characters based on literary heroes... like the 3 musketeers.


You have objectives and can use skills and combat to acheive objectives. The game takes place in a fantasy Vienna.

I was satisfied with all the minis I got in the first Kickstarter, though due to certain world events never have gotten a game played ...yet.


so they will be kickstarting an expansion.  Just got a preview of one of the exclusive characters. On a side note, I had no idea that Alexander Dumas was biracial. His father was a noble and his mother a native. Being of similar racial stock, I find that interesting. 

“And here is a miniature of Alexandre Dumas (3D render to be more precise). 

Alexandre Dumas will be our Kickstarter and convention only miniature. Well, we hope there will be any conventions we can visit in the future...  He will be also narrator of our campaign and you will be informed about some events from his perspective (or rather from the perspective he wants to impose on you - be careful!).

Dumas is not an amazing fencer. If necessary, he can draw a sword or shoot a pistol, but he believes that a feather is more powerful than a sword. Charisma (quite high), Intelligence and Connections help him with his reporter's tasks but his most powerful weapon is his modest notebook. It may happen that the story told by Dumas looks completely different than in reality and the heroic deeds will be forgotten or even presented in a completely negative way. In the game's mechanic, this means that once during game you will be able to prevent your opponent of getting point(s) for killing your character. Obviously only if Dumas manages to survive to the end of the game and will describe the situation in the way he would like it to be presented to a wide audience...”






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Last campaign, Milady D'Winter was the exclusive. There were a lot of tribute figures too. We got a Tyrion Lannister and a deseperado inspired Antonio Banderas among others. 

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I really like the design of the figures from the first Kickstarter.  I got the minis in plastic, which was a bit of a mistake since some of the minis have hands that look like blobs.  Others are just fine.  I will probably go for the metal ones even if they are a tad larger this time.

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16 hours ago, vutpakdi said:

I really like the design of the figures from the first Kickstarter.  I got the minis in plastic, which was a bit of a mistake since some of the minis have hands that look like blobs.  Others are just fine.  I will probably go for the metal ones even if they are a tad larger this time.


vutpakdi. What minis did you get that had the issue with the hands? I kind of want to go and check now. :) I didnt look too hard when I got them. I kind of just did a once over... did some hot water straitening on a couple, then boxed them by gang type/nationality. Which shows the mindset i was in when i got them... I was kind of on a hobby break and just going through the motions...

4 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

Will think about it. I was quite satisfied with what I got from their Kickstarter and how they handled it ... but I'm trying to reduce my KS spending and my mini hoard (yeah, you can stop laughing now).


Yeah... i feel that too. There are 3 kickstarters in April (this one, Fireforge Dwarves and Dungoens and Lasers)... after not really doing any for the last couple months. I havent played a single game of Anno Domini. I liked the minis, but they are teh tiniest bit smaller than my other gaming minis. They will be used next time i run my Pathfinder game, but i already have plenty i could do that with... 

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Elena is probably the worst with the blob hand problem.  There were a couple of others, but I can't seem to remember or find them right now.  I probably noticed them when I was painting them more.  It's really an issue of soft details in some cases because of the plastic.  The sculpts are generally fun to paint except when it gets to soft details.

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8 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

For me it's a bit expensive for what is offered (might have to do with all the other projects that I have my eyes on ... looking for reasons not to back this or that ...). Though if those stretch goal minis keep coming in and are all as nice as Arnold ... uh oh ...

I have to agree with the current value. I am in for the plastic set. $66 for 11 plastic miniatures and no new boards, does not seem like a great value. Though the creator said the stretch goals will make it a good value…


however… I don’t like the Arnold mini… I mean I do like it, but it really does not seem to fit. Someone pointed out that arm grafts were around… ok.., but articulated robot arms with working fingers… to that sophistication… no. And the next stretch goal is more cards for the commoners… I may not stay in this one… or if I do I may just get a couple metal minis…

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I dropped out... the new Addon, the Cardinal's Guard, look really good, and $15 for 3 sculpts looks like a fair price... but in general it looks too expensive for what I would be getting and the miniatures the core pledge arent super enticing. I like 2... The good swordmaster and the Noble lady with frog... I kind of like reloading servant boy with musket too... 


Will keep an eye, i may still be lured back in. 

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Posted (edited)

 I Dropped out. I am still following though. Pretty light in new minis.., but… they teased a 3D obstacle pack that has tables, barrels , market stalls , etc. these elements will have special rules that you can interact with… like searching the stalls for items or rolling barrels etc… 


also two new game modes. A solo mode, so you can play by yourself if say a pandemic hits…and a new campaign mode where you can combine factions in like a grand alliance game. 

the Solo mode sounds interesting… and I wouldn’t mind several packs of the 3D terrain… but am not back in just yet. 

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