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Wow!  Very nice.  I had never imagined her in warm tones like this, and she looks great.

(Right, the skulls she carries are smaller than the skull in her head ... so she's a 30mm-scale giant with human skulls or a 54mm-scale human with kids' skulls.  Take your pick of degree of creepiness.)

The background colors work well with the figure.  As you said, the scene is a little confusing visually, in part because the figure and the background have similar contrast and color saturation, whereas a real scene would become probably lower-contrast and bluer in the distance.  Maybe on the next figure, you could mute the background by putting a layer of tracing paper or vellum over it, or manipulating it digitally.

Thanks again for choosing her, thanks for sharing, and congrats on your RCL points!


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Posted (edited)
On 3/26/2021 at 10:23 PM, dks said:

The background colors work well with the figure.  As you said, the scene is a little confusing visually, in part because the figure and the background have similar contrast and color saturation, whereas a real scene would become probably lower-contrast and bluer in the distance.  Maybe on the next figure, you could mute the background by putting a layer of tracing paper or vellum over it, or manipulating it digitally.




Thanks for the feedback! 

these are good things to keep in mind, it will likely be another canvas, because I like doing them and I should really do more than 2 a year. 


On 3/26/2021 at 5:23 PM, Chaoswolf said:

That's a great paint job, I like that you went outside the box and painted her in the color scheme that you chose!:winkthumbs:


The fact that we do it as a trio brings out the more unusual color choices, as we try and separate them visually. 

I based these colors on a single rough long shirt that had white/tan on the cuffs and red around the collar.  I found it on a google image search and it didn't specify what tribe it was from, but the level of decoration and crafting was similar to the model. 


Between the red mask and the skulls, I assume she is formally dressed as a human hunter.   the tribe likely only has one at a time, and the hunts and kills are part ritual.   

if she is collecting kid skulls she is more like an insane ritual serial killer, (KDM Butcher for instance) 

and I don't think they lasted long in the kind of low tech tribe that would produce her clothing. 


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    • By Evilhalfling
      MiniSpawn (7)  and I painted these today. 
      With Bob Ross - s2e11. 
      8x10 black canvas  with a mix of craft paints and Reaper.
      She took about 45 min and is really happy with the results, its going up in her room tomorrow.  
      She really wanted to add a fantasy element, just like I do with my landscapes.  I think her dragon turned out perfectly. 
      This also has my best (so far) added fantasy element, a non-descript green door. 

    • By SparrowMarie
      I'd never felt I had an artistic bone in my body until I started painting minis. Well, now, I decided I'm going to try my hand at 2D art. 
      I am following along Bob Ross videos on YouTube. I will note, and this is probably very important, that I am using acrylic paint and not oils. I did not want to spend oil paint prices since this is a new thing for me.
      These are the two I've done:
      Day 1: I learned a lot, I needed to do something with my paint to extend the drying time. This would have helped with the blending. Overall, happy with it excepting the house.

      2: I used some slow dry medium mixed into the paint today. Not sure if it was not mixed well enough or I didn't use enough but it only gave me like 5 minutes or less of extra working time. If anyone has any suggestions for how to use slow dry medium, please, let me know. I'm using heavy bodied acrylic tube paints.
      I followed along until the end and I decided to add some darker blue and green. I think that helped a lot.

      Another note, need to find sturdier paper. While this is holding up it likes to curl slightly while drying. The second one is taped to the desk on the back to try to minimize that problem. I am currently using a mixed media paper.
    • By dks
      I've never taken so long, after starting to paint a miniature, to finish it.
      She is Svetlana, the Frost Giant Princess.  The metal version is DHL 3431; in Bones, she's 77107.
      Read below the pics for the backstory of sculpting and painting.




      THE SAGA
      I sculpted her in 2009, from this drawing by Wayne Reynolds:

      He designed some other frost giants and the new icy-themed dark elf faction for Reaper around that time.
      Werner Klocke had recently sculpted Reaper's fire giant queen, with a clever metal-saving design: a body cast in front-and-back parts that left a hollow center. 
      I stole that idea for the front giant princess.
      I took my sculpting kit along on my 3-week bicycle ride from ReaperCon '09 (late May) to Asheville, North Carolina (mid-June). 
      I didn't sculpt much along the ride, but I do remember a day in Monteagle, Tennessee, when the fog was so thick I didn't want to risk being on the road.  I gave my legs a rest that day and spent a few hours sculpting in my hotel room.
      I finished sculpting the figure in late July, and she was released in September.
      Some folks on the Reaper Forum debated whether the princess's face was exposed skin or a mask.
      I weighed in here. 
      You can see how different people have painted her over the years, mostly with masks.
      I didn't get around to painting my own version with the bare skin.
      I got a metal copy of this figure in late 2009 or early 2010.
      May 2010: 1 hour cleaning the figure.
      ((wait 1 year 10 months))
      March 2012: 4 hours assembling the body (but not the left hand and spear), and using Greenstuff to patch the gaps and adding volume to the back of the hair.
      April 2012: 3 hours doing a primer coat / value-study in White and Black Brush-On Primer.
      ((wait 3 years))
      April 2015: 5 hours verifying the assembly, attaching the hand, refining the shape of the eyes a bit, setting wires for the extra hair strand & the spear strap (in WAR's sketch but not the stock figure), and then sculpting over the wires.  Thin things like these can make a miniature look more dynamic and realistic because they aren't limited by the considerations for casting.  (I got that advice from Jeremie Bonamont when he was at ReaperCon one year.)
      WIP pics then:


      That evening / night / early morning, I spent another 7 hours in 3 sessions roughing in blended base coats over everything.
      And then I lost interest. 
      She went into the cabinet.
      ((wait 5 years 9 months))
      I decided to include the fox in some way. (The fox goes with Feiya the Pathfinder iconic witch, #60048, sculpted by Julie Guthrie.) 
      I occasionally got nebulous ideas for an ice/snow base, but I never sat down to give physical form to these ideas.
      Jan-Feb 2021: She called to me again at 1am one night / morning.  I painted until 5:30am.  More painting sessions over the following week, and then basing.  Built the base from rough masses to final shapes -- just start building, and then edit and refine.  Devised the sticks-with-straps elements to fill the front-right area and show the wind.  Added the snow, including drifts and footprints.  Refined the colors, especially the ice-spear and the snow.  Glazed, glazed, glazed.  In all, about 50 hours over the last 3 weeks. 
      And for now, she is finished.
      I think the sculpt holds up pretty well, though I deviated on several points from WAR's sketch (partly from my own design sense, but mostly from my lack of sculpting skill). 
      If I were sculpting her today, I could do better on some proportions and making the fur and hair more spiky/icy than wavy.
      Thanks for reading!
    • By Bustawolf
      Always really loved this model this is my second go at it. Thought I would try something different with the clothes most of the painted ones I've seen are very brown.
    • By imars
      For a recent game I was able to finish these two pieces, Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess and Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl. I was going for a whiter skin on the giants. I tried it on Boerogg, but it did not work out like I wanted so I left Svetlana the way she was. 


      If you want to see their in between stages, check out my blog. 
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