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I promise, at some point I'll learn to take better pics... and hopefully paint better too.


These are what I got painted this month, and it was all for the RCL (can't check anything off my personal bingo card challenge, but that's ok).


Up first, the trio I did with @Kuroneko and @Thoramel. We did the Pathfinder Goblin Warchanter, and each modified it a little bit. I did a fairly simple conversion, as when I looked at the model I envisioned a goblin jumping rope, so I cut away the sword in her left hand, bent the whip down to join with putty, and resculpted parts of her hand and hair. It underwent two revisions: (1) I wanted goblin madness, so the flames on the ground came about (sculpted with some Liquitex Flex Paste) and (2) while painting the rope, I wanted even more madness, so I changed it from a normal rope color to trying to make it looked like she had just ripped a length of her latest victim's intestine out to use for her rope.




For a duo with @Maledrakh, I painted Aviriel Tellerion. Nothing really special about her, I just wanted to practice some eyes, and a Werner Klocke sculpt is always good for that. My big regret is that I forgot to put some shading around the eye socket, but lesson to remember for the next mini.




Lastly, I tried to paint up a tribute to my late feline buddy Gabe for a large group with @Thoramel @Kuroneko @Inarah and @Maledrakh. It didn't turn out as I wanted, Gabe's fur coloring was a challenge. This is nothing close to what he looks like, but I gave it my best shot. I tried some wetblending, it went horribly wrong, tried some other things that also went wrong, but it was a learning experience. So here is not-Gabe.




Thanks for looking.

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Good work on all three.


I like the conversion of the goblin pyscho, you achieved madness quite nicely. I have never met or seen Gabe, so I don't know what he looks like, but I think you still have a very nice paint scheme on 'Not-Gabe'.

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4 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good work on all three.


I like the conversion of the goblin pyscho, you achieved madness quite nicely. I have never met or seen Gabe, so I don't know what he looks like, but I think you still have a very nice paint scheme on 'Not-Gabe'.


Thank you very much. Once the RVE videos are posted, I'm going to watch the class on taking better photos. Hopefully things will get better, and the goblin psycho will not be so washed out by the lights.


This was my little buddy Gabe, for reference. Luckily, I have many other cat minis to attempt his coloring.



3 hours ago, Thoramel said:

Looks great. Gonna be honest, I'm stealing your goblin jumping rope idea at some point in the future.


By all means, please do! That mini is already in a prime pose for it. I plan to steal your goblin's color scheme for other goblins, and @Kuroneko's bagpipe idea at some point. They turned out amazing.

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      This is my first to-completion detailed mini outside of the three LTP-2 figures. I'm looking to start a Rise of the Runelords game and needed a warchanter figure; this one from Reaper is wonderful in its detail and goblinesque insanity. Unfortunately, I think the molds are a little off-kilter on the Bones version; there are several spots on the figure where one side butts up against a flat spot from the other half of the mold - you can even see one of them in the Reaper website image.
      I found myself departing from the LTP painting order and starting with "inner" areas like eyes and mouth as well as isolated details like the whip and blades. Skin and leather were left until late, with details on top of those the last. Don't know if this is a good thing or not, but I felt more sure in painting up to those areas rather than filling them in and inevitably splattering over multi-layered skin tones.
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      I never really liked Goblins much, until Pathfinder.  Something about these little monsters and the reimagining with so many teeth changed my viewpoint.  So much chaos. So many pranks. So much fun.  
      Cheap Bones Goblins? Sure! Sign me up!  Still in the thinking stages of this and I don't know that I'll use all of the figures from each of the boxes, but I'm thinking of doing a display piece and calling it "20 Goblins!" (which will probably only have 13 figures... because Maths).  Though now, that I write this out, I may have to go back and look at what I'm doing.  Mostly I wanted something fun to paint and took the fairly decent ones and just threw brown liner on them.  There are some mold lines that could be cleaned up.  Well... we can call these test figures and I can replace them with another $10 $20 order... ha! 
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      Then started adding some skin tones last night on the Hangout.  
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      Hope you all enjoy!

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