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03563 Tinley, female wizard


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Looks like I might have to pick this model up. She seems to be sporting a bit of a Greek vibe.


Lately I've been chewing through GW's Tzeentch cultists. They're also bad guys for Frostgrave and RoSD. When I finished them, I imagined them cutting down my wizard and kind of liked the idea. Some of Frostgrave's wizards aren't very nice people anyway. If you read the quotes on the cards, you'll see them as avarice embodied. When I paint my wizards, some of them come across as jerks, and some nice guys out for the welfare of their warband. It kind of depends on the sculpt, which helps dictate their school and spells and personality. 

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Thanks a lot, everyone!


Regarding the dress, I can't take credit for the colours, the paints were given in class. By myself, I would never have attempted to blend from purple to yellow, half way round the colour wheel (until maybe now, that is). But this teaches a lot of discipline, because the gradients are much easier to see.


I always enjoy the moment when a mini comes to life and develops a personality. I imagine that a really good painter can control how it turns out, at my painting level it's more or less random. But still, I consider a strong reaction a success!

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