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This one is on my radar. I will look into getting the villager minis. I don’t need more guard minis... but I don’t not need more guard minis either... and all of the previews look fantastic. 

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More info on Dakka : https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/60/790041.page


Add yourself to the KS Notify Me to unlock the sewer monster : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/dungeons-and-lasers-third-edition


KS preview page : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/dungeons-and-lasers-third-edition?ref=ek0tqz&token=960b999d&fbclid=IwAR3JX2M02vGdvGYuYZZpgtGH60rlxx6Eip3chliZJeGp428igOrlfX6adm4


Six new fantasy-themed rooms, plus previous fantasy-themed D&L products. Pledges are for 5- and 11-room pledges. Mebbe $20 for a room add-on and $40 for the fantasy core set. Stuff is good, but the walls are thin, which made the mining room look like a Disney dark ride. Otherwise, thin walls are fine for wooden village walls, and the plastic is a sorta resin plastic? I backed D&L2 and it's the best budget modular plastic terrain I've found that's still good quality for gaming, plus D&L throws in a TON of SG's. And, last KS, you could buy a second set of SG's for $20, a really good price for what you got. Previews showed more buildings. Battle Systems (?) is a good alternative, if you like papercraft, don't want to paint everything, and didn't want the miniatures and SG's.


They're gonna add plenty of townsfolk, but the starter has 63 city guardsmen out of 67 mini's. That's a lot, but if the bases are separate, then you can use 'em (the ones that aren't asleep on duty!) for generic infantry armies.



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These guards have a ton more character than other ‘guards’ I have. I definitely have plenty of townsfolk figures otherwise. 

I backed their last Kickstarter and assuming the quality is the same then I’m probably in for a few rooms for certain. 

Their project updates are usually thorough. 

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I’m intrigued. I like the instant conquistador army. And the Xenodragon? Awesome. 

Basically will depend on prices for the various stuff as to if I back or not. I really like the Ettinstone magnetic tiles I got, so I wasn’t really looking for more terrain. But if the deal is good enough...

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On 3/29/2021 at 4:49 PM, Marc said:

Do we have a launch date for this?


Second half of April, after they ship out D&L2. 


fwiw, Black List Games has five city guards of the same sculpt, but they don't look as good as Archon's. 


Archon also said you can swap out the townsfolk for a room. Time to spend ahead your refund! :upside:

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I saw reported on another forum that in a stream of some sort, the creator of this project stated the “x3” guard sculpts will be reduced to two of each, rather than three of each sculpt. I didn’t see the stream myself, so take with a grain of salt. 

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21 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

I saw reported on another forum that in a stream of some sort, the creator of this project stated the “x3” guard sculpts will be reduced to two of each, rather than three of each sculpt. I didn’t see the stream myself, so take with a grain of salt. 


On the preview  page, they changed the 3 of each to 2 or each. But looks like some other minis will be added. I asked them on their facebook page if there will be a minis only pledge. They advised no. But did state that the minis will be available as an add-on. So you could just back for $1 and add the minis... just no stretch goals. 


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There should be an add-on only pledge. so you can get the Townsfolk box. They also have some previous Stretch Goal and animal companions boxes you may be interested in. The guards in Fantasy Series 2 aren't as good, imo, but take a look there if you're looking for plastic generic fantasy miniatures!

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      A message from Secret Weapon:
      Big news time everyone!
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      BUT - we have a good amount of backers who are opting to wait on their $1 pledge. This is entirely our fault. We caused this when we locked our core offering behind stretch goals. There is no single item that is core. ALL the options are core. We made it so that many of you had to wait around to buy what you already knew they wanted.
      That's a big boo boo, but it was made with the best of intentions. The system was set up so that there was no mandatory amount, and you added what you wanted and nothing more. We thought that this was better for the customer, but it quickly became obvious the vast majority of backers want jump-in points at set amounts like a usual KS... and weren't entirely sure about a pledge manager that was open during the campaign.
      So, what are we going to do to fix this for you?
      We are going to close the campaign, and relaunch it next week. That sucks and it's embarrassing. But ultimately everything else that happens is great for EVERYONE, because this is what happens next:
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      2.) There will be pledge levels: $50(+), $100(+) and $200(+). The 100 dollar + level will include a set of 3 weathering pigments (really really good ones too - Burning Sands, Dark Earth, and Rust Orange), and the 200 dollar + level will be the pigment set, and a set of 3 genuinely awesome paints. Secret Weapon's Rubber Highlight, Rubber and Tire Black, our most popular colors! At the end of the campaign you will use the Pledge Manager, as usual, to make whatever specific choices you want based on your KS pledge. The Pledge Manger will be available during the campaign for those that would like help figuring out a total pledge level, but that is optional, and you can wait until the end of the campaign to sign up.
      3.) Each of the $50(+), $100(+) and $200(+) pledge levels will have 3 shipping zone options
      Americas, Europe (NOT UK)
      AU, NZ, Asia, Pacific
      United Kingdom (NOT Europe)
      4.) Any extra themes that are developed during the course of the KS will be added immediately, no stretch, we just give you the option as soon as it is available.
      There will be 17 themes live at the time of launch, which doesn't count the licensed product from Corvus Belli and CMON Zombiecide.

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