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On 7/2/2021 at 6:08 AM, R2ED said:

I had mixed items in my order.  Is i have rapid delivery with some, but but all, does that make for 2 shipments?  


Stuff that has their molds made before items have the Rapid Delivery rocket icon on them and were shipped Rapid Delivery (eg. stuff from Dungeons and Lasers 2, like the Fantasy Core Set and dragons) will be shipped Rapid Delivery (ie. now), and stuff that hasn't had their molds made (eg. much of Dungeons and Lasers 3, like the D&L3 stretch goals and townsfolk miniatures set) will be shipped normally. Hope that made sense!

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1 hour ago, Olaf the Stout said:

I have nothing I want for rapid delivery, so I’ll be delaying filling out the pledge manager for a while. They haven’t set a closing date for it, have they?

I recall seeing a statement that it’s open at least through the end of August. Perhaps September?

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Head up. If you haven't selected your Sewers yet, the Waste color looks more like radioactive goo. The Water color is saturated blue. 

Tamiya Clear green, blue, etc. paints are good for painting the tiles.


Waste: https://imgur.com/a/uwHJ7DU

Blue (midway of video) : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/dungeons-and-lasers-third-edition/posts/3236052

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Woo hooo! Delivery estimated for tomorrow on rapid delivery items.   Nice!

Out of curiosity, what colors do ya'll use for dry drybrushing these?  Like is there a tri-color set you use and highlight with?  Color washes on the different wall and floor types?

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It arrived!  Wooo hooooo!


First impressions:  love it!  Great value! 


Now, need to ice my hands for two reasons.  One, my hand is sore from all the little clipping of these sprue.  Then to top it off, i pinched my skin while clamping down on a piece and got a blood blister. Still excited?  Damn right I am!



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