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Dungeons & Lasers Woodhaven


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Ouch! I did notice that with a more expensive cutter, my hand didn't cramp as much. The cheaper one was an Army Painter cutter, the other I got for free, sorry, I don't know the brand!


To paint the terrain, spray grey primer. Do not cut off from the sprue. Apply water to the tiles, then shake off as much water as possible. You want the recesses to be be wet, but not so wet that wash will leave water rings. Carefully apply wash or black ink to the recesses. The water in the recesses will spread the wash more easily than if you wash on a dry surface. Paint or drybrush with craft paint as necessary. The tile walls and some floors will have different stone, so you may want to paint different stones different shades of gray. Search on Les Bursley's wash, or other DIY wash recipe. You will use a *lot* of wash!


Of course, you can also do the traditional black spray paint, followed by a drybrush of grey craft paints and washes. Craft paints are cheap enough that you might as well own a range of gray, and range of brown, for your terrain, including bits like the stretch goals. Hint: Use a different shade of color for the stretch goals, so you can see them easier when placed with terrain!


BTW, With the SG's, I brushed on colored airbrush primer (brown or grey) on the miniatures, after cutting them off from the sprue and removing mold lines. Then I washed them with brown or black wash. 


Also, join the Dungeons and Lasers Fan Facebook group for inspiration and ideas. Someone just posted a beach setup, with large mine floor tiles, sewer water tiles, and torture room wooden floors. I also have a YT channel, "Advance to Tabletop" with some D&L videos!

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Showing what FedEx can do when they put their mind to it, my delayed packaged was released on the 11th, flown to the US overnight, shipped across a couple/few states, and delivered today.


Epic weatherman fail: Predicted forecast - high of 90+ w/ heat index over 102F and a 20% chance of rain between 10 & 11am.  What we got - high of 72 and constant rain for 8 hours.  Not that it would have hurt the plastic, but I still got home early to make sure I didn't have a soggy cardboard box.


Anyway, since my recent craft paint purchase was a selection of browns I'm going to start with the Wooden Cottage, see how I like the stuff, and if it passes muster late pledge for a small set of rooms.

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Here's a question for previous backers (or perhaps just those that follow KS a bit more closely than I do).  Was the connector sprue that come with the individual rooms originally designed for the larger sets and then just used for the smaller rooms because that is what they had? 

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3 hours ago, R2ED said:

Actually, i have an odd question, with this being my first d&l. How do you build these things vertically? 


You can use the "second edition" vertical connectors, although you can often just stack the tiles on top of each other. I hear you can also use the trimming to stack tiles. Just connect the vertical connector on the bottom of the second story instead of a wall connector.


You can sorta see one of them sticking out on the left side of the left structure...



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I'm thinking of going with the following: 


Core set:

Floor - main color look dirty brown

* Prime black

* Triad for dry brush: dk brown, suede, lt grey

* wash with black and some green


Walls - main color old grey

* prime black

* triad for dry brush: dk grey, deep blue, Lt grey

* wash black

* highlight with some white



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16 hours ago, R2ED said:

@ced1106so are they specific stackers in 2nd edition? 


I might create some by cutting and altering the fit to do vertical. 


Yes. Cutting and altering should work. Pledges came with a set of Second Edition connectors, though, and I'd expect them to be shipped with Rapid Delivery?


I've also primed grey, washed black, then drybrushed or painted with gray craft paints. Post your pics! 🙂

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