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On 5/9/2021 at 8:25 PM, R2ED said:

@AlonTeyCan anyone tell me how clean these are putting together?  I am not expecting GW level, but need to know where to set my expectations.  I bought a Core box of bones 4, and feel they do a good job of matching up without a lot of milliput or seam sealing.  


I guess I'm asking if anyone can compare these to another brand or assembly?  Can they be plastic cemented together or need super glue?  


I’m very interested in this question as well

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They got me for the village pledge.  I was very satisfied with their previous Kickstarter (absolute ton of stretch goals, dragons look great and it actually arrived months ahead of schedule instead of the typical year late) so I knew that I was going to come back again for this one. 


I'm already invested in other tile systems so I initially intended to do a miniatures only pledge but it only worked out to be a bit more expensive to get the tiles as well.  Figure I'll do 3-4 city streets which should play reasonably well with Warlock and Dragonlock tiles and 1-2 roof sets for some Assassin's Creed style rooftop shenanigans.


On 5/9/2021 at 7:25 PM, R2ED said:

Can anyone tell me how clean these are putting together?  I'm already in for the villagers and stuff, may get some dragons and ks 2 extras, but I'm worried this is going to be like wrath of kings.  I bought a bunch of sets that were crazy cheap on minature market, but when i got them and started trying to assemble them i understood the markdowns.   They are poorly made, at least from what i have worked with before.  I am not expecting GW level, but need to know where to set my expectations.  I bought a Core box of bones 4, and feel they do a good job of matching up without a lot of milliput or seam sealing.  


I guess I'm asking if anyone can compare these to another brand or assembly?  Can they be plastic cemented together or need super glue? 


Assembly seems pretty reasonable to me.  All the stretch goal stuff goes together pretty intuitively except the faerie dragon which is just....a lot... and the one dragon I put together has gaps but pretty small ones.  Pretty comparable to what GW was like back when I played and way better than Wrath of Kings, early Reaper dragons, GF9 or...(shudder)...Malifaux.  I don't see why plastic cement wouldn't work but I used super glue.



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8 hours ago, Auberon said:

Thanks.  Given the way the rapid rewards reads, I assume I would have something in hand prior to the pledge manager closing.


Lessee... You still "purchase" Legacy (rapid rewards) shipping through the pledge manager. Then items marked Legacy shipping are sent as a first wave. Legacy items are stuff that have already been made in previous KS. You also have your items shipped first when the final wave is sent out. Legacy items are marked in the D&L3 KS, but I would only select Legacy if you have a bunch of stuff that's from previous KS, such as the Fantasy Core Set, SG's 1 and 2, Animal Companions, dragons, etc. That is, if you're new to D&L3 and are catching up with stuff outside of the village rooms, miniatures, and free SG's (not add-ons), consider Legacy shipping. Splitting the shipment, of course, gives you more time to paint everything in your first wave before the second arrives!

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14 hours ago, Adrift said:

Any thoughts on painting the stuff and storage of the painted pieces so they don’t rub and then damage the paint job?


If you're on the cheap:

* Gray automotive primer

* Les Bursley's black wash

* Paint and drybrush with dark gray and light gray craftpaints.

* Additional painting with craft paints (eg. browns for wood).

* Water: Tamiya Clear paint


Storage: Good Earth Tea herbal boxes! Haven't had problems with my plastic terrain with herbal tea boxes! 😁


Latest update has closed doors for Woodhaven rooms! Stone doors can sorta be used for your Fantasy Core Set dungeons and Cursed Cathedral entrances:




Also, translucent colored plastic Lava Rooms! Color variants for your ice caverns, slimy caverns, and goo caverns...!

Archon had a vote on FB and this won out over the other more village-themed designs.






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I am glad they added doors for the new building doorways… I really did not want to see Doorgate 2. 

Is it just me or are we seeing a medieval fantasy Thor (Royal Guard) and Batman (Mountain Knight) in the stretchgoals already? Are there other superheroes I missed? 

Does it feel to you like there are several different artists designing different miniatures with different aesthetics rather than a single aesthetic vision tying them all together?

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Those lava rooms feel like they'd be a good fit for "organic" dungeons I've used in the past (as if the players were inside a creature's organs. The doors were sphincters, the walls were like intestines...). I kind of want to do something like that again, but I don't know if I foresee myself using such a dungeon often enough to actually obtain them permanently...

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"Ok to be clear on this. It meant to be a surprise for you but OK, let me blow it. Every model, including SG will have sculpted bases. We have prepared a pack (sprue full of bases) that will go with townfolks (as shown on miniature renders) and the same pack will go with SG models. So there will be for sure a bit more bases to choose from when you assembly your models, plus it will give you some assembly flexibility. Some model : Troll, Giant, Dragon and 48h model will have their own sculpted base that will be on models sprue (as they will be probably separate sprues). That pack will also include that necromancer base."


So now a set of cobblestone bases as well! I might do the usual sand bases for the outside guys, and keep the cobblestone for other miniatures. 

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58 minutes ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

4 Kobolds are good, 8 are better ;)

But... shouldn't you have 20 Bones kobolds by now?


Anyways, the tavern and market type scatter terrain stuff alone looks like buying a second set here might be a better option than finding the right Mantic crate for it.

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