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    • By OneBoot
      A little backstory:
      At PaizoCon, there's a fella named Cosmo who runs a TTRPG survival game, where you have to last at least 20 minutes against...killer clowns. Yes, that's right, you get mobbed from all sides by wave after wave of malevolent, monstorous clowns of all kinds.
      @Reaperbryan paints at least one clown mini for him every year. And if it wasn't originally a clown, he MAKES it a clown. Last year, he and a few forum members (myself included) painted up a whole nightmarish Ronald McDonald clown crew. It was glorious and terrifying and a whole lot of fun.
      But this year, Cosmo had a special request: he'd gotten Hecklemeyer and Styx, and asked Bryan if he could paint them up. Being a good management type, he delegated the job to me, since he was already working on turning a giant into a rubber chicken-wielding clown (which came out amazingly).
      I had originally planned on purple and gold, with perhaps some red or green accents.
      Instead, purple and teal happened. It's almost as though it was inevitable. 
      (pardon my fingers in the picture; it was the only way my camera would show the correct colors. Since I was at the con, I didn't have access to my normal photo-taking setup)

      Here's a shot that shows the puppet hanging off of his belt. I gave it a clown nose too, of course.


      Group picture!


      Cosmo was a very happy Cosmo when I gave them back. He did, in fact, squee loudly (followed by maniacal giggling). It was extremely gratifying.
      EDIT: I should clarify that when I say Speed Paint, I mean that I painted it in 3-4 hours, not during an actual speed paint event.
      --OneBoot :D
    • By Metalchaos
      Here is 01432, the Easter Mousling sculpted by Gene Van Horne. Happy Easter!              
    • By Inarah
      A little holiday painting I got done this week:
      An elf from (I think) Ginfritter's Workshop.

      Reaper's own Santa dwarf.

      Sorry about the fuzzy parts. I had to borrow a camera because I've lost mine. :(
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