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The Bug Thief, the Swamp Girl and the Dogpole Mother

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While the title may sound like a part of a weird children's book series, it's actually a trio of Kingdom Death Pin-ups!




The Bug Thief, her right arm goes across her face so I've left it off for now.




The Swamp Girl. I have to paint her base, paint her and then sandwich the clear bit in between without making a mess.




The Dogpole Mother, the hard part will be painting the Dogpoles so that they actually look like something!


Starting with the Bug Thief:-




Painted her face and boobs (Rosy Flesh > Flesh Wash > Rosy Flesh > Rosy Flesh/Light Flesh), added a touch of Scarlett Red to the final highlight for her lips and painted her eyes (The left one is a bit buggy, but I'm hoping it'll look better once I paint her hair).

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Painted her hair (Blue Violet/Off-white then a touch more Off-white and then a little bit more, and then some targeted Purple Wash for shade), didn't help her left eye to look more normal though :down:

Also painted her helmet (Red Leather > Sepia Wash > Red Leather > Red Leather/Ochre Yellow).

I think I need to paint the bug in her hand before I glue her missing arm on, so bugs are next.

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Thanks guys!

Her helmet made me think of purple hair for some reason, I suspect she reminds me of a anime/video game character although I've no idea which one.


Finally made a little progress:-




Thought it might be hard to paint the rest of the base if I painted the bugs first.

So the goo they're swimming in was painted in Ochre Yellow with an Off-white drybrush and a Sepia wash, while the thing she's on is Cold Grey with a drybrush of Ghost Grey and a Black wash (There's also some Ochre Yellow goo droplets on it), and it's top is Iraqi Sand with a Brown wash.


Now I can paint the bugs!

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Painting bugs, bugs with human faces.

Their bodies are Dead Flesh, with a Flesh Wash and highlights of Dead Flesh and Dead Flesh/Bonewhite, while their faces are the the same but with Dwarf Flesh and Pale Flesh.

I should be able to attach her right arm now, but I'll do a test fit to make sure it's not blocking anything else.

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Nope, still can't attach her arm yet.

So I painted her satchel instead (Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow > Brown Wash > Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow > Leather Brown/Ochre Yellow/Bonewhite) with Bronze buckles and Bonewhite stitches.

Got to paint her crop-top next, then I might finally be able to attach her arm.

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20 hours ago, Samedi said:

Those little bugs are cute and creepy at the same time. :wub:


That sentence pretty much sums up a lot of the Kingdom Death range for me!

I also have another mini that has the bugs in their second form, bees with old man faces.




Painted her crop-top in Magic Blue, given a Black Wash, highlights of Magic Blue and Magic Blue/Ghost Grey and a glaze of Magic Blue.

And now her arm can finally be attached and I no longer have to worry about losing it!

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On 4/14/2021 at 5:50 PM, Glitterwolf said:

Love the progress!






She's finally fully assembled, yay!


Also painted her sleeves and stockings (Ghost Grey/Off-white > Grey Wash > Ghost Grey/Off-white > more Off-white).


I think next I'll finish painting her skin.

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On 4/20/2021 at 3:59 AM, Jeepnewbie said:

Great work, love the uniqueness, and strangeness of the kingdom death figures. This one is coming out great. 






Painted the belts in Leather Brown with Leather Brown/Iraqi Sand highlights and Bronze buckles plus a Brown Wash.

Her gloves and shoes in the same scheme but with Red Leather.

Did her little lamp in Oily Steel with Sky Blue windows.

Also had to touch up her stockings and sleeves, so did her underwear in the same colour.


Just need to finish her boots and do the fur on her helmet. This could be hard, because in my head I see this done in a black and yellow striped bee theme.

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Took longer than I thought, but I got her final bits done:-




First I painted the fur Ochre Yellow, with a Bonewhite drybrush and a Sepia wash.

For the stripes, I mixed Pure Black with Stone Grey, but it was too grey, so I mixed Pure Black with a couple brushtipfuls of the previous mix (I also painted her boots with this), I then very carefully drybrushed the stripes with the first mix, and gave them a Black Wash.

The boot stripes are just Ochre Yellow.

Didn't quite work out how I envisioned it, but it sorta looks okay.


And she's done!



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