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The Bug Thief, the Swamp Girl and the Dogpole Mother

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I have a better idea what's on this side.

The bodies skin is Dwarf Flesh/Dead Flesh, Flesh Wash, more Dwarf Flesh/Dead Flesh and then a touch of Light Flesh. The teeth are Bonewhite with a Brown Wash as is the eye.


Still got a bit of grass (with fingernails, 'cause Kingdom Death) to do, the bit of Swamp Girls leg can wait until I start her properly.

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Painted the grass Sick Green with a Bonewhite nail, (and the girls bit of leg) then attached the clear bit (I put the glue in the wrong place, I thought it went all the way to the lower step, but it ain't shifting so I'm leaving well alone).




Painted her skin in Dwarf Flesh, with Blue Violet lips.

The lips look rather "Clownish" up close but quite good in hand.

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9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I like the skin.

As for the lips if it bothers you, just repaint the little part that goes up on her left ( view from the pic) in flesh tones and it will be less so.



Yeah, it was bothering me, so I tried repainting it, it did not go well :down:




I tried thinning down her lips with some skintone, still didn't look great, so I painted over them to give it a second try.

Unfortunately, by this point the actual detail of her lips was gone, so I tried painting them in as best as possible. Still terrible, but that's it unless I put her in the paint stripper.


Made a start on her hair with Hexed Lichen, but I'm just not feeling this mini at the mo', might put it a side for a couple days.

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